Sunday, May 1, 2011

Heaven's Postman

How have you been?
How's the world there..
in Heaven..

This story is about a an who is in the top of his life
He is rich, handsome, and success
but he feels that his life is empty
until everything slowly broke down
his fortune become unstable and woman only desired for money
everything made him sick and tired

one day, he got in an accident
He's comma for a long time
when he's in that condition, God give him a job
He has to delivered mails from people who can't forget the death of their loves one to the heaven
and that is how the movie is started...

If someone who you don't know asks you,
"have we met before?"
Or "you're the heroine of my never-ending dream" on the streets
it may not be for a lip service
That man..
He may be your destiny

link download HERE


  1. heheee you should watch it XDD this is my favorite movie..
    the story is soo goood and the casts are pretty good looking hhahaa XDD


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