Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Dreams Capsule

I have a lot of dreams,
from the closest target, to many years later.
Well, I think we have to write it down all of our dreams,
so that we know what we wanna reach
and one by one, we will DO every step to reach our goal
so that we never lose what we aim for our life :D

Yes maybe a lot of people just want to be a rich people,
success and get a healthy life
But, what kind of success you wanna be?
How rich? Are being rich is that important?
How can you get a healthy life if you can't spend your time to take 
a little walk from your house to the other places?
Well, that's seems too cliche
We need more detail about
What we gonna do in this short life?

Maybe many people said that 
"Let your life just flow like a river"
but, hey do you know that you can swim 
over that river?
You can change something if you wanna DO IT
You can take a steer about your life
You are the pilot, all you need is destination,
where do you wanna go?
What you wanna be 5 years later?
What you wanna be 10 years later? many years later?

So, just write your plan for years later
and make sure, you work hard to get that :D
Make alot of checks in your dreams list
And appreciate yourself after that
If God give you a little problem, 
 that is a test so that you always 
remember you have God to help make your life sweeter

This is how I collect all of my dreams
I make a dreams capsule,
I will write everything I wanna do in 5 years later
and open it in 2017.
I will work hard to get that dreams
so in the future, I won't feel bad for myself 5 years ago 
who are very excited about her future life

Maybe there are times I feel bad to myself for not 
good enough to reach a target
But if I remember that dreams capsule, 
I'm smiling again  :)
and just wanna take the next challenge
better than before 

Thanks God, in 2012, there are alot of unexpected moments happened
I never forget this gorgeous year :D

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Postcard Project

This is my edited sketch for my postcards project ^^
Well, after seeing many indie illustrators recycle their artwork to make postcard and poster, 
I wanna try this too :D
You know, postcard now seems to be useless since we can chat virtually via phone and internet
but I will be very happy if someone do more effort and 
send me handwriting letter or postcard like this :D 
So I wanna try it first and send it to all of my friend
Of course, this postcard design must be from my sketches~
If I have more time, i will make design personally~

Waow, just several days later to year for change (and my age too .__.)I'll make a post about 2012, 
This year really really really a great year for me :D

Oreo's kick

Thursday, November 15, 2012

My Prince

All night, I wait for the sun to rise out the window
Because when morning comes, I can meet that person
Thank you for holding my hand, thank you for looking into my eyes
Thank you, my prince that I’ve dreamed of, for appearing before me

All day, I wait for the moon to rise in the sky

Because when night comes, I can talk to you
Don’t forget our promise, don’t forget our secrets
Don’t forget how my heart raced when you looked at me

English translator: popgasa.com

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Ekskursi Mentawai

credit photos:
Mirzadelya Devanastya
Arsitektur UI 2008

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Fanmeet JJ

Yaai they upload the photos~ but just the LQ onee T^T

Pleaaseeee give us HQ photooosssss DX

White Lies - TVXQ

An old song by TVXQ, but i wanna tell all of you, this is really good song,
even after years, i always have the same tender feeling when listen to this song,
again and again
Even for one day, i play just this song all day hhaa
And never get bored :)

How much time passed since our happy memories..
I can't even try to leave now
Leaving the tender you

I have to laugh in front of you
I have to have a bright smile in front of you
But when I think of you, I start to cry
I have to forget you now
I have to erase you from my memories
I leave you now

If I can meet you just one time
If you can see me
I will show you my everything
All of my hidden love..

Even if I am not in the world anymore, I will only wish for your happiness
Don't cry, please don't cry
I can't even wash them away for you

I'm afraid because I might see you
Because my heart might become sadder
I'm going to have to leave you now
Even the common words of I love you, I couldn't say until now that I love you

If I can meet you just one time
If you can see me
I will show you my everything
All of my hidden love..

I'll leave now to a place where you don't exist
Like this I'll erase you from me

As time passes if I can see you
If I can just touch you for one day..

I wont ever leave
My love for you that surpasses everything

If I can only breathe next to you..

src: jpopasia
written: nia@ksplash

Monday, November 5, 2012


Why are you do this to mee T^T
Makes me staring at your pics for long time and giggle by myself T^T

Pleasee I wanna concentrate for the mountain of my assignments T^T
Actually I'm not fangirling that much~ but believe me, Its really hard to resist T^T 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Jaejoong Fanmeeting

YAAAI finally I can get to see him from the very close spot ^^
You can't imagining him, he is very dolly like figure~~
And you know whaat?? 
I got very close to him, when group photos, my face and him just like about several centimeters
Yatttaaaaaaaa XDDD
and he is really sincere and polite and humble and really kind~~
before take photos, he was take a bow first,  and smilee :)
and when Hi5 session, I was shouted for him: Jaejoong, fighting!! and he smilee :))))
aaaaa I don't wanna wash my hand~~ hhooo 

If you always read my blog, I always blogging about him ^^
Then you will know how much I adore him from 5 years agooo~~

Aaah and now I miss him already :'')
Even he can't talk at all and got fever, he still can boost my mood for a week later, just by remember thay event X)))
Nyaanyaaa I will spazz a lot and tell every detail about him with my friend XD 


Arcasia Student Jamboree

 My card name 

Rasanya beruntung banget bisa ikut event internasional kayak gini~ 
Jadi event ini diselenggarakan oleh Arcasia (Architects Regional Council Asia) yang konferensinya diadakan setiap tahun. Beruntungnya, Indonesia jadi tuan rumah untuk tahun 2012 tepatnya di BALIII~ dan pas banget ada event student jamboree nya~ uhuy

Sebelum ikut kegiatan ini, masing-masing peserta mengirimkan paper kelompok dulu, mulai dari abstrak sampai full paper. Nah akhirnya aku, Piter, Vania, Maryam, Omma ikutan join bareng buat bikin 1 kelompok deeh~ kita pilih paper tentang atap rumah tradisional Indonesia. Lumayan tuh ngerjainnya sambil galau studio, galau organisasi, dan galau-galau lainnya~ Akhirnya kita kepilih buat mempresentasikan hasil paper kita. Tapi sempet galau juga tuh hampir ga ikut gara-gara kurang jelasnya sponsor departemen dan fakultas. Kan lumayan tiketnya rada mahal hhoo~ Tapi galau-galau itu ga sebanding sama yang kita dapet disana. Beneran ga nyesel deh ikutan event taraf internasional ini.

Acara student jamboree sendiri berlangsung selama 1 minggu. Kita berangkat hari minggu, tapi mulai ada kegiatan dari hari senin sampai jumat. Ngapain aja yak lama bener seminggu? Banyaaak kegiatan serunyaa XDD

Untuk hari pertama, kita ikutan para arsitek-arsitek asia untuk mendengarkan pembukaan dan konferensi hari pertama di Nusa Dua Convention Center. Waktu itu, di rundownnya sih bilangnya Pak SBY yang bakal buka, tapi ternyata diganti sama salah satu menteri. Waktu itu ketemu juga dengan beberapa dosen kita yang kesana. 

 In Nusa Dua Convention Center

 15th Asian Congress of Architects
Architecture regional Council of Asia

 Beach at the backyard of our hotel in the morning

 Sketching competition

 with the beautiful Tseegiii from Mongolia

Meet Abir from Bangladesh, 
he is the most passionate delegates at bamboo workshop: Making Bale


 with the sweet friend from Srilanka, Anu

 Friendship Night at Jimbaran

 Cutest smile from Srilanka and Indonesia :)

Plus Samir from Nepal with our chibichibichibi style Xp

 The most hilarious man, Loku from Nepal and Valen ^^

Loku and Me :D

Friday, October 26, 2012

Pabo JJ

in KPOP, I'm only crazy over this boy :)

Jaejoong~ why are you so pabooo
AAAAHHH i can't attend his fanmeet in Indonesia T________T

Sunday, October 14, 2012

My First Architecture Competition

aaaaaaaa ga percayaaa masuk 10 besaar :"""DD


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