Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Simple Watercolor Technique: Flower

Cute Character Watercolor Sketching

Art Therapy : Watercolor Wave Pattern

Art Therapy: Rose Pattern

I want to keep posting art videos since I already set up my room become a mini studio suitable for sketching or craft documentation. Its not perfect at all and I keep messing with my tripod. I'm really desperate about the angle and lighting. But since it gets me excited I think I want to keep make something~~

Maybe for this time I just posting my watercolor sketch but later I hope I can show you many type of crafts and my handmade creation ~

Thank you for watching~
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See yaa~

Monday, July 11, 2016

Art Therapy: Watercolor Simple Pattern

Hi~~ This is my very first short video about watercolor. I want to share about how making simple art can be healing and reducing your stress right away. Do not need to be art master, you can just playing with your brush, choose your favorite color and randomly splatter your blank space. 

I find it really enjoying and I hope you can relieve your stress with this~

Thanks for watching :)
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