Monday, October 14, 2013

Amebunny Novel Notes!

Novel Notes
Fairy Tales - Edition
Size A5, 100 pages bookpaper
Postcard bonus!

by FB message / email
or sms 085718114477

don't forget to mention the book's title 


Sunday, October 13, 2013

Postcard for You~

I send this postcard to youu~ 
I'm open to make new friends~
Just write your name, your address, what do you like, etc
It can be send to overseas too :3
Amebunny will send postcard to you~

Below is my new friends @Cardtopost
Yaai I'm happy that my postcard arrived savely at their home
If you want to join just send message to my Facebook
or comment here~

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Down the Rabbit Hole


Am I Wrong?

Am I Wrong?
If I follow you all day?

Am I wrong?
If I'm just can't get you of my head?

Am I wrong?
for being so much care about you?

Am I wrong?
If I'm falling for you?

Then, forgive me,
because I can't change
this feelings for you

Sorry :)

Petite Mellie

Mellie is a petite cat
She really like Frozen Yoghurt
She is a kind you only want to look at
Warm sun and fresh grass are her habitat
Be her friend,
Because she is the only one cutest cat
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