Saturday, April 30, 2011

Heavenly Forest

"I just want...
The person I love, to fall in love, with the person he loves"

I learned so many things from this movie
Watching this just like watching my own story
But there are big different between me and Shizuru
She is so brave and frontal, telling him honestly about her feeling
Altought she have a lack of growth hormone and it makes her childish, physically and mentally,
So that Seigawa only notice her as an adorable friend,
She realized that she is falling in love and wanted to keep that wonderful feeling
She decided to grown up , even if that feeling killing her

I think she is mature enough to let Segawa find his own love life 
and never force to be with him all day
She admitted that Segawa likes Miyuki, a woman who has a perfect image
at first, Shizuru act so childishly jealous 
But she realized it can't be helped
She can make a good friend with Miyuki, without other meaning behind it
Even Shizuru helped Segawa find a good clothes when he said that Miyuki ask him to accompanying her to a wedding dress exhibition

But still, she never give up
After she received a kiss as her birthday present that she ask Seigawa to do it,
She realized how childish she was
So she ran away to the overseas
and take a journey of independence
She never contact Seigawa for two years until she ready

From now, I will grow up
Become unbelievably beautiful,
and become a woman loved by everyone!
What would you do, if I became incredible?!
I'm going to become a wonderful woman
You will regret it and say: 
"I should've went out with her back then"

....And I'm still wondering how the end of my own story...

Monday, April 25, 2011

Cat Bossa


gently brushing myself
get up and pet me

show me you care about me
and feed me with healthy food

lazily looking out side
the birds are singing

show me that you love me
and let me out in the sun

Dear God puts me throuogh the test
perhaps now it's the time for this...
To tell you that
I love you very much

Cat Bossa 

nb: still searching for the unknown last lyric -__-

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Mati Rasa

Mati rasa itu...
Lebih menyedihkan daripada merasakan sakit

*hahaa sorry i'm talkingnonsense again~~ XDD*

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Wearing a piece of shawl to cover all of your hair,
its not to hide your beauty

you can keep shining
without show them your body

because all people can see 
is only your sweet heart

beauty that create with just physic
is just an illussion

because day by day
your body will getting older
and there are only your kindness
that makes people respect about you

need a long time for me to realized it
i always wonder, why i'm so stubborn
to keep my childish's thought
'' I want to wear that short dress''
''This clothes is so cute''
''Aww that skirt is just sweet''

But now i can find my happiness
you can find that all of people respect about you
by wearing shawl
you can find the real friend by wearing shawl
you can find your true love by wearing shawl

your dad can be proud of you because you're wearing shawl
your mom can be happy for you because you wearing shawl
your never be exact the same with your two years younger sister because you're wearing shawl
and your brother can hold his foolish act because you're wearing shawl

Wearing a shawl, is the most important thing that i decided by my self
my mom never force me to wear this, nor my best friend, nor my teacher
but, i'm feeling so sad, why i need a long time to realize that
and now i'm trying my best to keep it right

thanks to all of my friends in architecture
they're feeling happy for me, even clap their hands when i enter the class
and with all of their question, and their 'cant-believe-this' face
even my non-Islam friends, they can feel my happiness and congratulate me
that moment never can be delete from my mind
with all of your critics, i'm thanking you, i really mean it
sorry for my 'not-so-long-Tshirt's' and my tight pants
I'll buy many of long skirts and long dresses hhaa

at first, it just an accident when i wearing this hijab
i still remember, that day is friday, when we attended religion class
i'm still remember all of my friends' shocked face
and when they say that i'm prettier by wearing jilbab *hahaa*
since that, every friday i tried to wearing jilbab again
and day by day, i always impatient to show them my friday fashion

I know wearing jilbab is not small problem
its not about fashion and trend
its not because people say you better wearing this so that you can wear jilbab everytime you want
No, not about that

wearing jilbab is identity of Islam's beauty
not only covering all of my body
but i have to fix my worship to Allah
I want to tried my best, so keep supporting me, my friends :D

and I never enough to saying this:

Thanks God, you show me your way

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Chocolate Truffles

Hey, sun's setting down
get ready for a delicious dream
Close your eyes
I'll put magic spells
those comfy cotton candy like clouds
and teddy bears, look out the window
Since chocolate truffles fall
Real chocolate truffles fall

Hey, sun's setting down
get ready for a delicious dream
rose gardens and jelly trees
with a stream of caramel flowing
what a beautiful scenery
it probably all feels like a dream
Baby, trust me really happening to you
that sweet scent
is so heavy
Since chocolate truffles fall
As you say, there
Real chocolate truffles fall

Chocolate truffles are falling down

Since chocolate truffles fall
As you say, there
Real chocolate truffles fall
Close your eyes 

By : Clazziquai Project

credits: ravitie@soompi forums

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Do~re Do~re~~

ohana ga saita yo dore dore
kaze ga wataru yo dore dore
hontou no koto wa dore dore
boku wo ugokasu koukishin
atarashii hikari ga kokoro wo nokku shite
yukkuri mezameru ichinichi ga hajimaru
hiroi hiroi sora no shita
bokura umarete ikiru
nagai nagai kono michi mo
kuchibue fuki tsutsu

hibari ga naita yo dore dore
yuuyake somaru yo dore dore
taisetsu na koto wa dore dore
boku wo ugokasu koukishin
kawaranai hikari wo kokoro ni tomoshite
yukkuri yume miru mada minu sono mukou no  
tooi tooi sora no shita
dare ka umarete ikiru
tsuyoi omoi dakishimete
namida koborete mo aa
hana kaze tori hikari
bokura umarete ikiru
soshite aruki dasu no wa
itsu datte boku jishin

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

For My Sister

Hayao Miyazaki's storybook poem
I'm just sharing it here because it's so touching :')

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spirited Away

Suddenly I wanted to watch this film again
This movie is the first Hayao's works that i watched
Its so fantasy theme but has a romantic feeling....
The best animation movie I've ever watch!!
Don't you dare to be an anime fans if you never watch this

Here it is, Spirited Away fanart

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