Friday, October 13, 2017

International Conference on Sustainable Architecture in Nusantara (INSAN 2017)

This time I want to share my story about INSAN 2017 and how I go to Malang for the 1st time~
INSAN 2017 is a conference held by architecture department of Universitas Brawijaya Malang and TU Wien supported by Nippon Paint. I sent my abstract and paper before June 2017 and got reviewed by the academician from those campuses. I write about how children could give suggestions to the planning by giving them chance to participate. I also write about how children's drawing could give information regarding to the idea about ideal environment by their version.

Honestly, I sent the revision paper later than the deadline. I know, my bad :"". Even my bestfriend, also the co-writer, Pia, always reminding me about that but I did not even know when to do the revision~
Until I have to go to Malang and attended the real event but I haven't had my presentation done.
I'm working on the presentation at the train for about 15 hours. On economy train. :""

After we arrived at the Malang station, we even did not bother to use GrabCar or GoCar. We just hop on the local angkot. Our capsule hotel is nearby, it only takes less than 8 minutes from station. We just checked-in to get shower and go to the Atria Hotel for the conference.
It was bigger venue than I imagined. Even compared to S.ARCH HongKong, this venue was so much better, with almost all of seats occupied. I never have presentation in this big stage before. I just make my presentation script while all of key speaker performed to open the conference. 

I supposed to perform at 15.30. But then I have to got into the stage at 13.30. Wow~~
The speaker before me was a master student from Australia who was talking about architecture critique of modern building in Indonesia. I never did any paper about critics of architecture so it was new experience for me. I was thinking all the time: Is it okay if we critics the architecture this way? Because I always careful when comparing one to another projects. 

My presentation was so different from other as I have so much colors in my slides. I can't help, because I was talking about children's drawings. While doing this paper and presentation, I always thinking about my experiences in Sama Bahari village, so nostalgic! I was thinking about doing research about urban and children, so thats why I eager to make this presentation as interesting as I could. 

A moment when they announced the best presenter and best paper, what I was doing at that time is chewing my cookie while I had my coffee break. When they mention my name, I almost chocked. I was walking to the stage with mouth full of the cake. Blaahh

Pia, who was still in prayer room at that time, only laughing while she enter the room without knowing why I have to stand in front of all the people, shaking hand with the Head of Committee. 
Unforgetttable moment yet, silly. You would not know my struggle to chew my cake while walking to the stage :""D


And here is my presentation~ hope it could be inspiration for you who have the same interest with me~ feel free to discuss~ also if you want to know how to go toWakatobi Island or have a plan to stay with Bajau people, I also open for that information~

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Architect as a Citizen.. or Citizen as an Architect?

Two days ago, I went to the waterfront kampung in northern part of Jakarta. This area is not an usual kind of territory. This area already shaking off the power of government to demolish people living near from the river. The people are refused to move, otherwise they are willingly give the attention to the river and cut off their own home in order to give more space for the water.

Maybe we will judge them as a slum. But you will awestruck by their experiences and knowledge of their own living environment as soon as you met them. If government already demolish them, maybe I will not meet them yesterday. They are open for any kind of learning process and make the knowledge as a tool to achieve sustainable living on their own.

On the other hand, I also wondering what if architects meet them. Should I be worry or not? In fact, this area working with Architecture Sans Frontieres Indonesia. Gratefully they giving the community room for being architect themselves. As architect, giving other people space to make their own design is not something that we always do. It means that we have to give more time for people to fully understand the environment and their needs while the architects learning to become one with the community. It is not easy to let go our ego and throw all of our westernize technical knowledge in order to humbly learning from them.

If you ask me, If I am an architect, maybe my suggestion also to make this area to as similar as Dutch people do with the river. But that is not the point if we try to meet them personally. We have different people with different ways of life. Or should we make them move to the highrise community housing?

As I am not architect yet, my job now is to learning from them. All of things seems new. I am not sure what kind of role that I will take but to write this blog to asking some of the questions that I can not answer: What will architect do in the future? What if our job destroying the humbleness of people in kampung city? What if our design also make our city suffering?

Then, I will save the questions for tomorrow, maybe I will not become an architect, maybe in the future definition of architect will expand much more than now.
I am grateful enough to enjoying this cold Barongko, made from banana and coconut milk while introducing myself to the river community and activists

Selamat makan~!

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Thinking other than Architecture~

I'm thinking about something random these days. So many unexpected moments this year. I like imagining things but somehow it makes me feel both tired and happy.

I was waking up with different kind of feeling today~ Its like you are falling in love with something that you don't even know what. I'm dreaming something, but I can't even recall what it is. Strange feeling yet excitedly awesome~

Today, after I woke up with those kind of wonderful feeling, I decided to took train to my workplace. Riding train always give me a chance to read. Luckily, I got a seat and it was not even crowded. I found several interesting things from Peter Zumthor: Thinking Architecture.

Honestly, this is my first time reading this book out of my curiousity. I was reading it in my college years but only for assignment. I found it not as heavy as I remember when I was a freshmen. Actually, it is light reading material, yet deep and multi-interpreted. I found that in order to work, Peter Zumthor always using first person perspective:... I would choose material..., I see that..., I build something..., my work...etc. At first this would enhance my prejudice: architect is a self-centre people. All of things he decided are based on his memories, experiences, and knowledge. At the same time, he also admitted what he is lacking. Or what he regretted. He shows that he just human being. This book also the compilation of his writings which randomly connected to architecture. From nature, landscape, light, building, houses, to bikini.

I don't know what will I took from this book, but mostly I'm enjoying his writing as there are many of beautiful words written. Who's not enjoying morning train riding with a great and beautiful book?

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Menarilah... Denganku...

Di depan teras rumah
Fana merah jambu,
Ku berdua

Moment-moment tak palsu
Air tuhan turun,

Tersaluran aliran syaraf buntu
Martin tua media pembuka

Berdansa sore hariku
Sejiwa alam dan duniamu
Melebur sifat kaku-ku
Hal bodoh jadi lucu
Obrolan tak perlu,
Kala itu

Tersalurkan aliran syaraf buntu
Martin tua media pembuka
Berdansa sore hariku
Sejiwa alam dan duniamu
Melebur sifat kaku-ku

Rasanya tak cukup waktu
Terlalu cepat berlalu
Soreku nyaman denganmu
Menarilah, Menarilah
Menarilah, Denganku

Genggam tangan coklatku
Berputar-putar denganku
Menarilah, Menarilah...

Menarilah, Menarilah

credit: @fourtwntymusic

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Crossing Path

Ada kalanya ketika kita sedang dihadapkan kepada beragam pilihan, kita selalu bertanya, apa yang akan kita temui jika kita memilih A? Atau apa yang tidak akan saya temukan jika saya pilih untuk melakukan B?

Hal seperti itu selalu muncul, baik kita sadari maupun tidak. Namun, ada satu hal yang saya selalu ingat.

Ketika lulus dari SMA, saya dihadapkan pada 2 pilihan yang menurut saya sangat sulit: diterima di 2 kampus negeri dengan jurusan yang berbeda pula. Apakah saya akan melewatkan sesuatu jika saya tidak pilih A? Apakah saya akan melewatkan kesempatan merantau jika saya pilih kampus B? Apa saya akan mendapat pekerjaan yang lebih enak jika saya belajar di A?

Namun, kadang satu celetukan sahabat membuat saya sadar sejenak:
"Kalo lo gak pilih ni kampus, lo ga bakal ketemu gue"

Well, saya masih bloon saat itu. Kenapa harus ketemu sama kamu? Apa pengaruhnya buat hidup saya?

Namun, sejak saat itu, kita selalu bertemu dengan orang lain yang baru kita kenal. Orang tersebut bisa jadi seseorang yang sangat penting bagi kita nanti, atau hanya tempat berbagi sejenak, atau ternyata memiliki hubungan dengan teman kita yang lain, bisa jadi pula mengantar kita menemukan hal-hal baru yang tak pernah terpikir sebelumnya.

Hingga suatu saat, ketika sedang haha-hihi dengan teman-teman akrab, kita selalu menerawang ke masa lalu: "Kok bisa ya gue jadi deket sama lo? Awalnya gimana sih?" tentu ngomongnya sambil cekakak-cekikik karena kejadiannya juga absurd dan kadang terlampau bego.

Ada satu rangkaian contoh juga yang baru saya alami dan luar biasa hubungannya. Well, sejak saya pulang dari summer-schoolan di Belanda, saya merasa seketika semesta mendukung! Hal ini tentu mulai dari teman di FB (yang saya kenal dari kegiatan di tempat kerja) membagikan online course gratisan dari kampus terbaik dunia, lalu saya ikutan, dan mereka mengumumkan kalau akan membuka summer school. Lalu, ternyata temen kerja saya, si Vinda, juga sekolah di sana. Lalu sempat galau karena setelah apply dan diterima, saya belum dapat tempat tinggal yang cocok. Teman dekat saya si Ssu kasih tau kalau temannya si Amel juga kuliah di sana. Ternyata, Ssuu pernah minta bikinin gambar ke saya untuk temannya dan ternyata itu Amel! Ternyata juga si Nisa, sohib sekosannya Pia (riorita sesama scholarship hunter), sekolah di Belanda dan pacarnya tinggal di kota yang akan saya kunjungi. Ternyata eh ternyataa Amel, Vinda, serta pacarnya Nisa tinggal sekomplek gedung! Terus saya juga terpaksa berangkat sendiri dan kesana sendirian. Di hari pertama saya tiba, lalu berangkatlah saya ke pasar dan ketemu Safira, classmate summer school dari Kanada yang juga seorang muslim. Safira ini tinggal di kamar temannya yang namanya juga Lia. Setelah itu, kita keliling lagi untuk lihat-lihat Markt di Centruum, eh ketemu Ahtar,anak S2 Landscape TU Delft pas lagi lihat-lihat lapak buku arsitektur. Ternyata Ahtar ini kenal baik dengan Bu Lily, pernah di FCL yang sekarang posisinya di ganti sama Dio, juga anak Arcasia Jamboree 2012. Setelah itu ketemu juga dengan kak Ayu, lalu ketemu Kak Tuty, yang ternyata ngerjain tugas bareng pacarnya Nisa, juga ketemu Phillip yang pernah satu pesawat sama Jokowi, terus beneran ketemu Nisa di hari terakhir, dll etc~~

Well, serangkaian kejadian itu bukan kebetulan semata kan?
Ibaratnya, semua orang sama-sama mendayung perahu kecil di beragam aliran kanal. Ketika alirannya bercabang, kita akan disuruh memilih, akan ke arah manakah alirannya? Kadang arusnya berbatu dan sulit dilalui, namun ada orang lain yang mau menghampiri perahu kita hanya untuk mendorong kita melewati bebatuan itu. Ada pula yang hanya berpapasan, melempar senyum sehingga kita merasa tak sendirian. Ada pula saatnya perahu kita dan banyak orang lain berkumpul, lalu bersama terhibur dengan turbulence nya.

Ah, sekarang mungkin saya mulai paham. Dunia terasa kecil hanya jika kita membuka diri untuk mengenal orang lain, menemukan hal-hal baru, dan menghapus beragam prasangka. Mungkin kamu akan berkata: "Itu kan takdir namanya." Tapi, saya tak akan merasakan takdir itu jika saya tidak memilih kan? Atau apa yang akan terjadi jika saya tidak berusaha untuk mencari tahu apa pilihan terbaik untuk saya?

Well, saya berjanji, jika saya memutuskan untuk memilih, saya akan berusaha membuka pintu untuk beragam peluang itu, sehingga saya akan tahu apakah takdir benar-benar mendukung saya melewati pilihan itu atau tidak.

Nasib sudah tertulis, tapi masa depan kan masih misteri :)
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