Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Will Never Forget

Posting this because I'm a little bit mellow today.

Yesterday my dearest uncle has passed away and I really shocked because we rarely meet for this past two years. He is the only one uncle that shared the same interest a cat lovers. All he talked about was about cats and cats. The way he babbling about it was really funny, adorable and it was added by how talkative he was. Gosh, I will miss the days when he and my aunt had quarrel because of the simplest things.

May God bless him and forgive all of his mistakes.
May he through the easy road to heaven.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Good News for Today

Waking up to this wonderful feeling,
and instant cry of happiness and worry-to-death!
No, its not final result, yet I have to completing the application process and interview session.
I want to keep posting about this roller coaster journey

Preparing for a lot of things from now on!
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