Sunday, November 27, 2016

Kelas Inspirasi Depok 3

Will never ever ever get bored with children and Kelas Inspirasi~

World Culture Forum

World Culture Forum 2016 is an event held by Indonesian Ministry of Culture and Education which gather scholars and activists from world representative to make concrete action towards inclusive and sustainable planet. Fully supported by UNESCO, as an Indonesian I'm so proud that our country took the initiative to make the world aware about the importance of culture as the key to the better world. It's such an honour for me to attend the second WCF as the follow up for Bali Promise in WCF 2013. The symposiums was really great, consist of the experiences from various local initiatives shared by inspiring speakers~

Well, at first I'm not really hope that my paper would be choosen among others, but I prepared for the application carefully. I read the instructions, what the aim of the theme that I want to apply. I make some points that somehow, helped me alot to bring the paper and my motivational essay to their target.

I was really excited to go to Bali again since ARCASIA student Jamboree in 2012. The venue took place in Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center. This event was fully funded, and I really grateful they covered accommodation, transportation and our lunch to dinner. There are several problems found at first. I almost couldn't get my hotel room because of the committee's fault. But later the event was really great so it doesn't really matter.

Meet Satoko Kishimoto, one of speaker from symposium: Water for Life, Reconciling Socio-Economic Growth and Environmental Ethics. She shared her experience with her community to make water profitable for all, without even selling the water itself. Her presentation makes me aware about our rights about water. All of people should get water for free, as our basic needs. She give the example from Jakarta's issue about water. Maybe we already used to buy fresh water from company, but it will bring a lot of bad impacts to our society. We should make some initiative to increase awareness about water justice. Click on this link to see her profile

Meet Shadia Marhaban, Harvard graduates from Aceh. I was awe by her speech in symposium: "Reconciling State, Community, and Cultural Divides" about world peace. Aceh gave a lot of valuable experience in her life, the two of them are Aceh tsunami and GAM conflict. She was the only woman to actively participate in the GAM negotiating team at the 2005 peace negotiations in Finland, which ended the conflict in Aceh. She said that Aceh is a big laboratory of world peace. After all of the uncomfortable moments, Aceh was really grateful for accepting helps from a lot of people in this world. Now she is working as international mediator, national consultant for UN women in Indonesia, and consultant of female involvement for NGO in southeast Asia region. Inspired by her story, I wish I could be like her, a woman who can give strong influence not only in her hometown, but also across the regions. She is really pretty in real life, you will immediately awestruck by her awesomeness.

 My favorite Major everrrrr~

Salutee to Mr Ridwan Kamil as architect and as the community leader.
He explained about happiness factor of citizen. He is simply want to make his community as happy as always by making them involved in almost all of the city projects. He also rebuild public facilities and knowing the importance of parks as oase in the middle of city. Once he was asked about the meaning of a leader and how a leader should position himself. He answered: " A great leader is a person who can see the best potential in their team. Remember, team not a worker, so we have to put ourself as a leader in the middle of system and strongly push the society to be their best and give their best work."

Meet Shahbaz Khan, a director and representative of UNESCO in Indonesia who have a really humble personality~
"You should say that you take photo with Shakrukh Khan, because I'm as handsome as him" and yes, he is really funny~
His speech as discussant of Symposium 3 : Interweaving History, Urban Space and Cultural Movement was outstanding as well~

So overall, this forum talked about how important to keep our culture and to be implemented in our life. Culture will bring us to many form of sustainable living. By preserving our culture, we could keep our environment, keeping world peace, rule our economy, empowering our human resources, and to bring diversity to the next level of understanding.

In the end, this forum  urge UNESCO member states and wider civil society to commit themselves to protect culture as our biggest investation for the next generation. This will produce wide variety of activities that involve society participation as well as young generation to imply tradition and ingenious value to bring our world to inclusive and sustainable environment

You can see the Bali Declaration HERE

Here it is~ the photos I got from the event~ 
Most of them capture from culture carnival~ 

Meet Janisha, chekoslavia dancer who have the brightest smile~ I took a lot of her photos because everything looks great with her in my frame. Even Jakarta Post Newspaper featuring her photo as headline. I'm fangirling everytime she smile.

Greatly thankss to Aruuum~ the former of Pengajar Muda (I always being pengajar muda's great fan and sometimes can't believe to find them as my friend) because she approached me first when I was in Kampung Inggris Pare. And of courseee Piak, my company in any condition~ Lets make another adventure in the future. Its rare to find bestfriend and best travel friend at the same time~ 

Meet Pak Wardiman Djojonegoro, former Minister of Education and Culture from 3 different era. It is such an honour to accidentally bump on him, thanks to Mbak Fia Cwethyy hhee~ He is really humble and the way he talks remind me of my grandfather~ He wrote his own biography book and now still in the process of roadshow selling his masterpiece.


Monday, November 21, 2016

Try Your Best, but Give Yourself a Space

Adopted the article from BrightSide, I found several suggestion that really helpful and fit in with my recent condition~

 Think positively, yet realistically
Yeah, there are a lot of things running in my head yet I couldn't measure it myself how to get ride of that. I always said that I want to do this and that but in reality, it wouldn't happen like I always imagine. I think I have to slowing my pace and observing the condition carefuly until I find out the steps.

Pamper yourself, but don't give in to temptations
Uurgghh, this kind of hard lol XD but I will try to surpress all of those tempation~

Spend your days with people that can make you laugh, but don't forget to allow yourself time to feel sad
I definitely need this advice. Being sad its not a sin. I always let myself cry sometimes, even it just for silly reasons. Being sad, crying, and feel the symphaty is one of the way to soften your heart. luckily I am a girl and God give us that privileged every month via PMS lol X)

Try to help others, but be careful not to exhaust yourself
Yep yepp.. Its wonderful feeling when you can help people, but remember, you have something to be done so considering it first. Help yourself is always your priority, then do it for other people behave

Analyze yourself, but in a benevolent and loving manner
Don't love yourself the way you are~ always improving, but do it without pressure~ Sometimes I have mental breakdown, feeling that I am not good enough, not pretty enough. But it is okaay to feel that way, so I could looking for the solution in proper way~ 

Remember, you can't force yourself to be happy and well motivated around the clock
 I couldn't agree moreee~ Sometimes I feel that I have heavy burden to be a good role for people around me. Feeling sad, anxious, and other negative feeling is prohibited. But then, all of us have our weakness and we should overcoming it. Those weaknesses are part of ourself, so try to befriend with them and knowing yourself better~

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Well, then..

Hellooo from the other side~~

It's been a long time since I'm writing something serious about my life. Well, not particularly serious but I feel like to thinking all of it at once. Is it a curse for all of young adult who never wanted to be a grown-up like me? I'm thinking about what should I'm doing next, since there are a lot of choices actually, and I just need to choose. Nah, writing will be the best therapy for me, so please bear with my words~

I already commited to business project that I cherises the most (yaii to Akaruma and 6sisistudio). In addition, I opened a dance course in my house, for kids who wanted to learn some traditional dances. Those activity somehow keeping me stay in my track and idealism, eventhough we just started and actually it is hard to maintain your work pace. But people did not seeing it tough, they were only care about a job, somewhere in an high rise building office, with monthly salary that going in to your pocket. I know people will always ask, connecting it to your previous education. Some of them giving me the best advices (thanksss, really thanks to your concern) but the rest are just curious, or just want to compare. I will be apply for job, trust meee~ I'm preparing for some activity that will be included in my CV first~

I'm thinking about going to study abroad. It's been my dream since I was graduated from high school. I will definitey pursue higher education, in the major that I love the most. Maybe I will be going to art department (my long lost dream) or architecture interior or mixed of those both. Living in a life full of new ideas and challenges makes me less bored. Actually I'm a person who is easily fall into boredom. Hopefuly I will maintain my focus on my master application. I'm praying hard that I will be thereee~~ and then I will use my skill to work in international NGO, maybe for UN, in UNESCO or UNICEF~

Aaaand the last thing that I recently have concern about is: where I could get my life partner??? or how did you find your husband/wife??? I know it's been in my head after all this time, but I never tought about it seriously, until I almost in the state where I hope to be someone's wife in my 25. Aaaand it will be less than 2 month from now (almost, huh? I'm still 24 anyway~) I rarely falling in love, but If I have one, it seems that he is never have any interest in me. I never have anyone to ask me out, or even just have a long, interesting chat. People said that I'm just choosey and selective, but in fact, I don't even have anyone to be choosen... (pity mee.. this time I'm just shamelessly telling my loveless life *sobsob*). But I never want to be someone's ex anyway, that is why I don't really care about having boyfriend~ So, thinking from this prespective, I should be grateful..

Well, to conclude all of my babblings, I shall reminding my self, over and over again, to not compare with anyone else. I need to finish what I'm started, I need to focus on my aims, and then, I should be preparing my self to be the best of me~ Yes, yes, I would not be worrying about life partner or what. If it is the right time, we should be meet. My job is I have to endure all of those tricky questions heheee..

andd to close this night mumbling, I should posting my photos~
I'm not a narcisstic ( I rarely posting my photos in instagram or other socmed)
but lately I'm feeling good about myself~ *dothebuttdance*

Black or white version?

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