Sunday, December 1, 2013

Majolica Majorca

Well, I just know this Shiseido's cosmetic brand, but I already love this,
because their commercial movie always impressive with their fairy tale touch!
Their concept is, a magic cosmetic that can give you mysteriously charming look~

Majolica Majorca, I'm wondering... what's the meaning behind this name?
Just curious, this name sounds odd, but add the magical feeling, oh, whatever!
This is what I imagined when magical-wonderland-fairy-tale-theme would look alike!

I love the animation, songs, their commercial movie, it seems like well concept.
Maybe this really fit for an adult girl who can't grow old because of their fantasy~
Wait until I can try this brand, maybe I'll like this cosmetic too?

Actually this is a bit creepy, listening to this song in the middle of night maybe not an option. 
But, I like the lyrics and melody of this cm. Oh, don't forget the animation! I think this can potray the mysteriousness of the mascara. 

This is the first cm that I saw. Between Alice in wonderland, Kiki and Jiji from Ghibli, and remind me of Kyary Pamyu-Pamyu classic version hahaa. With the title, 'Fantastic Fantasy', they potray a girl who look into small door and she feels like see that fantasy, asking her existence, asking who is she. Oh' sorry I'm just can't  describe this very clearly. This is too abstract, huh?

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