Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My ALC, Mini~

This is my Asian Leopard Kitten, Mini~~ 
Cutee nee?? 
But keep her as a pet is kinda... how I describe this?
Keep her in my house left a burdensome feeling..
I'm afraid I'm not give her the best I can
because her species is very difficult to be keep...

But as time goes by, that feeling is fade away~
She is really sweet hhee
She is such a mini creature that i want to keep in my pocket hhaa
As for the other cat species, I think she is 10000% cute than anything!
Her leopard pattern, her red cheeks, her round ear, her soft fur,
Even her groan miaw when she talked
And I always imagine how she become after she grow up!

The only one I noticed something wrong with her is the way she walk
Her two back feet always tend to jump whenever she run,
and her butt seems to give more effort whenever whe walk
At first, I think that just the way her species do

One day, after run and play all the day, she can't walk as usual
I think her leg was out of joint or she is getting hurt somewhere
After 3 days she is not getting better until we get her to the pet clinic

But she wasn't getting better for 3 weeks later. 

During this 3 weeks, we bring her to the two different pet clinic every week
They said that she couldn't back to usual, 
It kinda hurts seeing her just laid on her box, couldn't do anything except moving her head
She have a strong will to jump out of her box, so sometimes I just let her free on my carpet

Until we get the right clinic, they did an X-Ray photos of her back bone
The doctor said that she had a rare genetical disease called "Spina Bifida"
So her lower backbone split into two and that is why her butt can't go up
This disease appeared after 1-4 months when your cat can go for walk.
There is nothing wrong with her legs joint or anything

Because of split of her backbone, she couldn't poop easily
Because she couldn't poop, she can't eat either :"(
Everything I could do, I did.
Give her medicine twice a day, change her menu, search the therapy treatment, 
anything for her recover !

 even she cant walk, she is still wanna play

But she is just a little one, keep that hurt back bone all of this time kinda...
It made me sad, when seeing her strong will for walk, even just for few centimeters away
One day I kept her in my hand all the morning, because she was groaning all the day,
louder than usual. 
Ssshhh, I said. 
"Just two days more for your next clinic visit, maybe you will get therapy for your back bone"
But this cutie seems not doing as usual. 
On that day, She only want to sleep on the ground surrounded by grass
But she drink her medicine obediently, even she seems enjoying the spuid  I give to her

and this is the last time I give her medicine

Yes, that is the last time I give my best to keep her :""(

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Family Trip to Java's Hidden Paradise

@ MesaStila
We stayed for one night in bella vista room
This whole concept of the villa really outstandiing XDD
You feel like Javanese Keraton family because the whole villa and interior of the room just like from ancient time~~
Gosh I think I'm feeling like stayed in a museum of Java hhaaa
Aaand in our villa, they provided a private swimming pool~
Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, our president, stayed in the same room too around years ago
We have our own butler and the scenery of rice fields and mountain is very breathtaking XDD

receptionist room (or building?)

many types of villa~

this villa's facade is very unique

way to our villa

 Front of our villa: Bella Vista room
Bella vista has 5 room that 3 of them connected each other 
and the other 2 standing by their own.
Bella vista has it all: private swimming pool,
our own gate and butler, veranda, TV room, 
and dinner table. 


Living Room

 the messy one, after new year party :p
and then we going to see the master bedroom
The MASTER bedroom, it really is O__o

My whole family (4 people) sleep here hhaa
Oh my, this is too big
and this bed not stand by it self, actually the bed just thrown at
a platform, just like little stage containing bed hhoo.

 The bathroom as big as the bedroom~~ and pretty too
The bathroom has 3 different rooms: toilet, shower room, and a bathtub.
The wastafel is at the other side.

 and each different room has a transition room
its very odd, because the door not like the usual door,
it just like a big wardrobe and every transition room has a big mirror.
If you see the transition room like this, you can't tell which is the room and which is mirror
staring in front of the door like this, just like room-ception or door-ception to me hhaa

this is the other room, it has its own veranda

i like the button for lamps

the front yard of our villa

 private swimming pool

 Me and my sister take a trip with bycycle too :D
their service really good, to get this bycycle, we just 
come to the bycycle rack, and get this for free

 We come to coffee and jamu plantation.
They have their own coffee tree field and make coffee by themself
 The workers here really kind :)
We have a chat with worker there and get to know how to 
prepare coffee. Even, we can taste roasted coffee beans
with 'aren sugar'. It tastes like chocolate XD

Not far from  coffee plantation, 
there are a small street where we can back to villa quickly
Luckily, we were passing by horse stall :D
They have horses too :D

 Their nature is just too natural!
in the morning, our hotel surrounding by birds
that fly very low
at the afternoon, all we can hear is cicada's sound
everyday there is fresh flower and fresh roasted coffee beans 
in our bathroom :) the smell is great
Woah living here makes all of your five sense awake~
 That is why, this hotel called the healing hotel~
Mesastila get international award for their best spa too :D

This is their official website

Aaaah I wanna back to there again XD
But I hope I can taste Amanjiwo hospitality too
Amanjiwo is a hotel near borobudur, and every 
room at there just like a stupa
Charge for one night/person really expensive DX
I hear that the hotel place secretly in the middle of rice field and mountain
Many of foreigner who take a trip there said
that their hospitality is first class in the world
Wow, i can't imagining the better hospitality from this Mesastila villas
I hope I can take a trip there XD

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