Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Ame, is my new nickname that my archi's buddies give for me
At first, it's so strange to have new nickname because I always called as Ade for about 9 years
But somehow, it's grew and I like this name more and more
It's sounds like japanese name, and Ame is my favourite kanji character

In nihongo, Ame means Rain :D

and I find this interesting fact today, they said that Ame means Candy too :D

Cute !


Selalu menghindar
Pura-pura tidak tahu
dan akhirnya menyesal

apakah itu berarti aku belum dewasa?

Monday, August 22, 2011

Happy Rain, Amebunny and Bunnella

New Header

Yaai I got a new header todaay *happy happy*

yei I'm too lazy to write now but I'll post the pic of my new header




please come visit may site :D
I'll be post more of my artworks here~~

Nee~~ using photoshop is so difficult I thought, because I always using my hand to create something. Digital work kinda...emm what can I say.. It's so easy to make lines or the other, but we can't enjoy every second of our hand can do. But our world is change rapidly so I have to adapted with digital things.

this is my doodle using photoshop..
kinda lame .___.

This is bunnella
Nice to meet you :D

and as a bonus, this is my background pic :D

just in case if you interested with it
feel free to using it~

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hello! How are you?

I opened the window and said quietly

How are you?
In the room that has no one but only me

The morning comes with heavy rain

Tick tock
Would someone please wind me up?

I saw this kind of girl in the old anime
(how are you?)
I envied her so much.
She was loved by everybody
It's time to stop daydreaming
I have to get ready soon
But at first. I have to hide the evidence of my tears

saying "oh well" becames my habit
the words that I was told suddenly comes across my mind
"I have no expectations from you anymore"
I don't expect much from myself either but..
what did you say that for?

the important words that I almost could say..
but what came to my lips was a lie
I am living wasting precious words of mine like this
why do you keep silent and hide it all?
are you afraid to be laughed at?
so, you don't want to see anyone
is that really what you want?

I'm drowning in the sea called confusion
I'm in pain. I can't even breathe here
Now I want to hear someone's voice
I'm so weak...

While I'm trying to get ready for the day
I start to think this with my foggy mind
"Maybe I should make up an excuse and just stay home"
Oh come on, I know it's not good
I just said that. That's all
I know. So please don't be mad at me
Regardless of whether you are happy or not
the sun will rise above you equally, cruelly
I'm at my limit with only living each day
But what more do you expect from me?

Why do you keep many things on your chest?
Do you want to be loved?
But who was the one who gave up first?
Have you realized yet?

If there's a time-card for life
then i wonder what time mine ends
and who will pay the salary for the span of my life?

Thank you
I want to say "Thank you"
I want to give the words of gratitude to someone
It only has to be just once
I want to cry from the bottom of my heart and say "Thankyou"!

why do you keep silent and hide it all?
you want someone to listen to you, right?
no one will laugh at you, so why don't you talk?

No one will understand you, if you don't speak out
Just thinking it will never reach to anyone
What troublesome beings, humans are...

Kano-Hello/How are you

Thursday, August 11, 2011


Calculus ooh calculus~~

Please, can you let me free this time?
Can you?
I'm begging you...


God, make me strong
I know every path you give for me always have a deep meaning
I'll accepted and promise to be a better person
So don't make me down with this kind of matter
Show me Your way, 
so that I can receive all of your grace 
without grumbling just like the old days

Yap, let's smiling, Lia!!
Be happy with the result
Failed for the second chance, it's so suck, I know.
But hey, there are many people who success and be number one after experienced the lowest time of their life
That is how they can appreciate their life better than before

"Winners are losers who got up and gave it just one more try" 

Failed on the second chance, it's not the end of the world
Just remember, God always with you,
and God always protecting you

God always there to help you

Smile smileee :D

Sunday, August 7, 2011


Danbo is an additional character in Yotsuba&! manga. 
My sister made this papercraft and she said that she got the pattern from her friend
At first I thought it is sooo cutee
It is just a papercraft but I don't know why Danbo just like having a soul in it
His expression just fit any scene in photos

This is my snap. 
And i capture it with phone camera
So it's so crap .__.

But wadeveer I like it yeeaah


What is this?

Peek a boo

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