Saturday, June 18, 2011

My Sister's Comic

This is my sister's work, the whole story and drawing by her
and I'm just help with the colouring hhee XD

This is about Indonesia's culture that interesting for you to look more of our uniqueness
Actually this comic is for comic contest that held by my campus, from Japanese major
She is do her best for this time, I hope this comic could winning this contest hhee XD

As an Indonesian people, i'm proud with our colorful culture
There are a lot of miracle that happened here, 
and I always amazed with beautiful scenery of my country
I really wanted to go to many interesting places, like Lombok, Karimun Jawa, Kepulauan Seribu, Aceh, Borneo, and many more XD

Indonesia is not just Bali and Jakarta ;D
Indonesia is a place where thousand of culture can be unite and tolerance each other

Trust me, its a wonderful country :D

Visit Indonesia! (ฺ)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Cutest Food

I Just can't hold myself to post it here
Oww goooshhh the food are sooo cuuuuteee XDDD

source : Cutest Food

Hooo yeeaaah I wanna say Arigatoooou to Dilla for the Award XDD
Hehehee this is my first time received this kind of honour, and I really appreciate this \(^^)/

Hooiyaa, ini 7 hal tentang aku
1. Suka pelihara kucing dan kelinci
2. Kadang males ehe :p
3. Deadliner hhaa
4. Suka joget2 di depan kaca *ups ketauan :p*
5. Punya kucing namanya Unyuu
6. Punya adek tapi berasa kembaran soalnya mirip banget
7. Sering dikira anak SMP -__-

Sering-sering berkunjung yaa Dillaa hhee

[TAG] TenTinny Things

Ten Little Things about Me :D

Thanks to Dilla for the tag :)

The Rules:

  Each tagged person must tell 10 things about themselves
 You have to choose and tag 10 people
  Go to their blog and tell them you tagged them
 No tags back
 Have Fun !

OKAAY here it is, Ten Tinny Things about me
WARNING of narcistics contents XD

I Like Bear, Bunny and Kitty
I'm a college student in University of Indonesia, in Interior Architecture major
Many people thought me as junior high school student because i'm shorty and i have a cute childish face XD
  Actually i like being a 'chibi' type because I likes cute stuffs and playing around
Accepted at 2 of Top University in Indonesia, UI and UGM. But I have to choose one, between UGM's Architecture and UI's InteriorArch. Actually I have a dream to be accepted at Faculty of Fine Art and Design in ITB, but my father didn't want to.
I like children! I want to teach them some craft stuff and games
I like dancing! I have performing modern dance and traditional dance. But I like Betawi's dance the most
I really want to try cosplaying as a Bunny Maid or Bunny Lolita. Here it is my first costume for high school's event
I loovee Jaejoong from JYJ/TVXQ! and there are a lot of spam about him in my blog XD
I like blogging, drawing, sketching, and wanna post more of my works here \(^^)/   

Hahahaa enough about me

Now I want you to join ^^

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fabolous Calculus

Fabulous Calculus!
Thanks for make my head spinning

JJ vs Puppy

just find its interesting similarity XDD

edited by me :D
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