Friday, February 11, 2011

New Look

Today I wear jilbab :D

It's so much fun when seeing my friends' reactions hihii

"Ini Ameeee??"
"Waa Ame matching XD"
"Me, gw kira lo siapa!"
"Amee cutee, unyuu banget :D"
"Amee gw suka warna ungu nyaa"
"kayak permen Me, baju lo"
"Huoo lo cewe sekarang?"
"Ya ampuun, lo pake rok???"
"Gw kira elo Ncess" --> ini banyak yg bilang
"Lo mau nyaingin gw??" --> Ncess' comment *hihii Ncess, sorry, today we are twins hhee

Hemm many of them said that I'm pretty when wearing this outfit hhee (≧∀≦)
They said that I'm better with jilbab
My outfit are:

   Candy color skirt
   ✿ Pale Purple shirt
   Purple blue-ish Jilbab
   Strawberry Pinky pin for the back of my head
    Purple *again* keds shoes
   Purple *errr again* watch

my skirt pattern

Honestly, all this morning, i'm so worried about how people's reaction about my new look 

But I'm relieved after seeing all of those positive reactions :)

Thanks for this cute and superb blog, they inspired me with their cool fashion, even if we are wearing jilbab :D
Really, their blog is sooo coool (*^ー゚)b

Hemm I wanna hunting clothes again
But I don't know when I will wear hijab permanently hhee
Soo keep supporting me yeaah my bestfriends hheee



    `But my besty didn't see me, I'm a little dissapointed though (・へ・)
    I just wanted to know his reaction, not much`
    hehehehehe *smirk* cieee :p

    i like the links u shared :D
    fashion though wearing scarf :)

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