Sunday, March 6, 2011

JJ's story

JJ's sister said this: 
Everyone probably knows. Jaejoong is rea~lly nice (kindhearted).

He’s a guy, but because there were eight sisters and one boy, even his personality when he was young, was a girl, a girl.

A girl to the bone (T/N: literally, “by nature,” “from the sky”).

The sisters, so I’m the fourth and so I’d tell my younger sister to go buy me something, for example to go buy me ice cream. I for sure told the fifth sister, but
In the end Jaejoong would go out and buy it.

The order would get passed and passed down until in the end it reached Jaejoong.

Jaejoong, he would have gone immediately if (some other) sister had told him to, but since the sister who was only one year apart from him had told him (to do these things), how annoying is that.

But still, he would go.

Jaejoong is really nice (kindhearted). From the perspective of others, they think things like, Jaejoong, because of the sisters, even his personality is that of a girl.

In some ways, Jaejoong has the strength of a man, but (in other ways) he is soft (delicate)
As he said on TV, Jaejoong really holds it in (endures pain) a lot. He holds everything in, endures it, and
He endures it three times. 

When I say three times, the “one” time in those three times isn’t the one time that we think of, but rather ten times, combine them and that’s the “one” time (in the three times).
His heart is really that big.

So that’s probably why Jaejoong (*embarrassed*)… that’s why he is so popular. This might be just his sister thinking but…

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