Saturday, June 18, 2011

My Sister's Comic

This is my sister's work, the whole story and drawing by her
and I'm just help with the colouring hhee XD

This is about Indonesia's culture that interesting for you to look more of our uniqueness
Actually this comic is for comic contest that held by my campus, from Japanese major
She is do her best for this time, I hope this comic could winning this contest hhee XD

As an Indonesian people, i'm proud with our colorful culture
There are a lot of miracle that happened here, 
and I always amazed with beautiful scenery of my country
I really wanted to go to many interesting places, like Lombok, Karimun Jawa, Kepulauan Seribu, Aceh, Borneo, and many more XD

Indonesia is not just Bali and Jakarta ;D
Indonesia is a place where thousand of culture can be unite and tolerance each other

Trust me, its a wonderful country :D

Visit Indonesia! (ฺ)


  1. Cute!
    I would love to visit Indonesia!

  2. Thanksss XDD
    Btw, there are a lot of indonesian people named "Dewi", your name means "goddess" in bahasa. Cutee nee XD

  3. Oh really!! That's nice ;) I know a (tiny) little bit bahasa hihi xx


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