Saturday, September 24, 2011


Yaai I met HoneyBeat yesterday :D
HoneyBeat is an Indonesia's Indie band with Japanese jazzy genre
Their music is so cute <3 and their shows is amazing :O
And lucky me, surprisingly they perform at the place where me and my friends had our first dance perform
This is several times I see their live performance.
And because I don't know they will perform, I got hyper and ask my friend to take my photo with them
Tika, one of vocalist, is so nice and I have a nervous chit chat with her hhahaha -__-;
Sadly i haven't buy their CD, their songs are so good and their voices are so smooth and cute~
Hemm.. if you know Mocca, their music is similar but they add Japanese atmospher
That is why~~~ I like to hear their songs <3

Next time, I definitely buy their CD~~

Nee HiBi, ganbatte nee~~ you guys are so cool XDD

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