Saturday, December 3, 2011

RIP Unyuu

Rest in peace, my lovely unyuu
you are not my pet, 

you are my father's daughter, my bestfriend, member of our family

thanks for being my bestfriend all this time
sorry for leaving you alone when i went to college
thanks for always waiting me in front of the door
thanks for your hug when i'm down
thanks for accompany me when i stayed wake up at night
thanks for your funny act so that i can laugh

and i'm so sorry, i can't give my best to keep you



  1. RIP Unyuu!
    Hope you feel a bit better,
    losing a pet is like losing a very dear friend!
    I also got pets (bunny and cat). I love them
    so so much, my special friends<3
    And I believe Unyuu will forever have a special
    place in your heart!


  2. thankyouuuu dewiiiii *huuug*
    yes it just like losing your family, because we're not treated her as a pet. My dad treated her as if she is his daughter *hhahaaa*
    and as a cat, she is very loyal. She know where to go home, she always waiting for me in front of the door..
    and she has a lot unusual habits, the unique side of her hhahaa


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