Thursday, February 13, 2014

Inside of Me

The other day, I cleaned my room and found photo album we made together when I was with you. Yesterday, I saw you in my dream and you told me that you were waiting for my love again. 
And today standing on the street, I saw someone who looks like you. 
She just walked away. 
Since then, I've lost all my pace. 
I'm trying to remember what faded away. 
Inside of me, wind turns into a hurricane when it seems to tell me about love. 
Inside of me things are in a state of drift when it seems to tell me about your world I can't feel anymore. 
I'll find a way to make you feel my mind It has changed me altogether that you drifted away.
 In this way, you'll be in my heart like something lasts forever and makes me awake.
Taru- Inside of Me

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