Saturday, December 13, 2014

Bunny Silhouette Doll


This time I want to share one of my last creation~
I like bunny and want to decorate my room with some of bunny doll
But doll seems too expensive these day...

Then I found cute silhouette bunny doll in Itazura na Kiss drama, the one in Kotoko's room

Cute, yet simple~

All you have to do is~
drawing bunny silhouette pattern in your fabrics~
There are a lot of bunny silhouette that you can print and draw..
Just check it in pinterest

After drawing it, double the fabrics and cut it.
Then, sewing it and fill it with dacron~

Tadaaaaa~ you have a cute Bunny Silhouette Doll~

Let's see with the other pattern later~~

Seee ya!

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