Sunday, May 17, 2015

My 2015 Lately

Sorry I've been silent all this time in 2015.. Hahaaa
Personally this is my own problem who can't keep up with my commitment. I will trying to writing as much as I can from now. I have so many things in my head now and I thing it can be waste if I'm not writing. It is true that writing is my own way to healing and make up my mind. I need to practice english too since I have to take IELTS to pursue my master.

So, I have list to write before I forget!
1. My current project in LabTanya
2. KIJP - Island Hopper
3. My adventure with new friends to Ujung Genteng and Kawah Ratu
4. My next project and steps

Hemm.. lately I've discourage to do my current project.. Honestly I'm enjoying the works and office's environment but I keep thinking about something else (and actually I can't keep with the long distance journey to my office, its crazy being to do the commute everyday!) All of people said that "If you have find what you want to do, then it must be no burden for you to doing it again and again". But I keep thinking otherwise. I keep thinking: "I must be happy if I started my own hobbies as my passion, as my own works." But I have so many interest since then and I can't choose them wisely.. (sigh..).

This is actually a big question mark for me:
"What I will be? What I want to be?"

 How I can wrap it.. I think I have to choose.
I have to choose wisely.
To choose it wisely I have to sacrifice something.
It can be my other chance to be a good architect,
My cozy house and my room,
My sleeping time,
My eagerness to meet my best friend..

But hey, I really really want to make my own independent journey.
Like Our prophet Muhammad said:
"Hijrah" moving to better place, better environment,
Hijrah make you know yourself better,
Hijrah challenge you to solve new problems that you never met before
Hijrah bring you new option, new chance, and wider perspective.

Yep. Please.. I want to make my own hijrah..

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