Monday, June 8, 2015

Embroidery Hoops and Mori Girl Backpack


This time i want to share my latest craft~
This weekend I already busy with some of craft projects. I want to make a lot of things but I just have my weekend to do it *cry*. Maybe someday I will focus on what I really like: make some craft workshop, DIY tutorial (blog or videos, or maybe books *kyaaa*) and make my room as craft studio. I have bunch of ideas about interior DIYs, so it just a waste if I just make it in my notebook.

It's time to make it happen!
Just don't waste your time!
I hope before I reach 24 yo I can make my own business in craft, fashion or interior goodies (hopefuly)

Sooo this is the first trial of embroidery hoops. Actually i never did any embroidery things, but this colorful embroidery hoops makes me want to use it as a frame of my used pattern fabric.

Cuuute isn't it? Maybe I will buy alot of this and make

Next is a backpack !!
I always fascinated with natural style of mori girl fashion. Sooo this is my backpack design~
With brown color of sack and cute lace as its main point, I think this would be perfect of forest girl out there~

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