Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Playing with Make Up (BEfore and After)

These days I really interest in makeup and beauty care things~ maybe someday I will make product review and make up tutorial hhaaa~

Well I'm a newbie in make up thingy so please be soft to me~

Actually I don't really like wearing make up because I have a complicated things with my face since  early teenager. When I was in elementary school, I always wearing heavy make up for traditional dance performance but I don't really know how to wash my make up clearly. Until one day when puberty hit me, I have oily skin and acnes brutally destroyed my face :""). My acnes were so bad until my face got really dark (I have different skin tone between my face and my neck.) Before, I'm not that dark (my skin type is yellowish) but since then my face look really dull (uh!). When I took photos with my friends, I look darkest than all of my friends. Hahahaa~


I don't how I can fix this but before I always afraid of wearing make up. I'm not easy choosing beauty product especially for my face because my face is really sensitive. If anything goes wrong, acnes will spread all over my face. Until now, I don't have any specific product from doctor or beauty clinic for my skin care routine. Long time ago, when i was in junior high school, I received facial treatment (routine every 2 weeks) plus capsule and cream from a skin care hospital but it got my pores look worse. I think, until now I'm still searching for the best treatment to my skin. 

Well, I'm starting to use make up when I was in university because I have someone I really like. You know, that miracle when girl falling in love is true indeed hhaaa..

I'm not saying I'm become prettier but I like how these products enhance my look. When everyone said that "That girl is pretty but that is fake because of make up" I'm not really agree. I think its good to look good. Everyone is happy seeing you look good and pleasant to look. When you appear fresh, clean and neat, it means you add your value, to respect people whom you will meet. The most important is you will feel confidence, and it will make your charm shine bright. In other words, make up bring out your confidence. Confidence, is what people see. When you are pretty but you make yourself down, people will only see your worries. Weelll yeahh, make up is just a tool but confidence and your charm is what define your beauty~~

Sooooo here it is~
I will show you before and after make up 

This is meee without any make up. Usually I look like this when I'm at home, or just go playing to my friend's home or just chilling in campus to doing my homework.
Actually I have big nose, small cat eyes, dry and dark lips, short eyebrows. I dont have any cheeck bones, instead I have puffy lower cheeks. Sometimes it makes my face look bigger when I smile hhoo~ Oh yeah, usually I'm wearing my glasses. If you are wearing glasses for a long time,it will left its signature between your eyes. It may be affected your nose bridge. So that is why I have such a flat nose bridge.

Then my make up products are:
1. Contact lense:
 I'm using X2 contact lense with baby eyes variant. It will make your eyes bigger but natural. You can choose between solid black or other colors. At first I always wearing solid black but now I like dark brown color. Its not look that big like solid black color, but give you natural eyes look. It gives you more cute shine look in your eyes,

2. Wardah serum vit C + Wardah DD cream
It makes my skin look smoother. I like how serum makes my skin moist without being too oily. DD cream makes my cheek feels cheewy~

3. Bengkuang Face Powder
I like every product with bengkuang in it. Because I'm enjoying putting bengkuang mask other than any natural extract. It simply blend with the color of my face

4. Eyeline Maybelline
This is my favorite eyeliner because its waterproof and even can last longer

5. Etude Drawing Eyebrows Pencil and Brush
My new crush~ I never use any Etude product before but this is really good to sharpen your eyebrows to get kpop girl band look

6. Wardah Eye Shadow
It will enhance your eyes even more~

7. Etude Dear Darling Lip Tint
I alyaws want to know how korean ulzzang makes their lips look so cherry red looks with 2 tone. After I get this, I know why. Once you applied this lip tint, it will only stay in your inner lips. But sometimes it gets my lips dry even more

Soooo this is it~~~
(I'm not giving any filter to any of this photo~)

Well, I always feel so annoyed everytime people say to me: "you must be apply a lot of editing and filter to your profpic" (all of them are boys who are asking me :""D)

Hellooo~ chill, I already 24 and I'm just wearing light make up, not injecting filler or any botox or tattooing my lips, or extending my lashes, or shave my eyebrows, so just chill~ hheee~

Well I myself shock because of difference can make when I'm wearing make up. I just really like the result but I only wearing this kind of make up when I'm going to important events. My eyes can't stand wearing contact lense for a long time.

Well, this is my first writing about my make up, maybe I will try some more about make up.. LoL I'm 24 years old now but just know how to wear make up hhooo~~

Why did you start wearing make up? When? and How is it?
please share your thought here~~

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