Saturday, May 27, 2017

Kartu Ucapan Untuk Keluarga

Well, people posting about all good things happened in their life: where they travelling, whom they met on their working place, share photos with their lover, and kids who just born. I'm lying if I said I'm not jealous. I'm not the type of people who updating all of my life moments, but people do asking me what I'm doing all this time. I am good, and feel content, I assured that. Now I'm enjoying interact with children who honestly express themselves.

If you ask me what is the most successful point of my life, It just happened yesterday. Seri Seni, a community I've been organizing for a half year, did something great. We held a workshop about how to make a greeting card for their love ones. The idea of activity itself come from children, but the concept inspired by a book: "Thinking Hand" by  Juhani Pallasmaa (Thanks to Pia :p). Hand as our precious tool of our body, conveys our mental image, our fondest hope and memory, into muscular activity, then processing the message to the outside of our mind. As a result, the outcome could be understood by the people who shares the same experience. It is great by how our mind and body intertwined in the process of conveying our feelings. That is why, there are no things that could replace the sincerity of drawings by hand.

They were tracing their own hand on a piece of paper, making it a 'love' shape in the middle of it so that they can write a message on it. The outcome is pretty and they were really ambitious of what they create. Even when the time is up, they are still busy decorating their greeting card.

The activity is done, and they gave it to the person they love the most. After posting some of pictures to their whatsapp group, one of their mother said that it made her touched by the message. Well, the message drawn by hand had conveyed and even touched their heart. I feel like I'm doing good today and it can fuel my energy for a whole week.

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