Thursday, May 10, 2018

Lia, What is Your Passion?

Recently, I've got many questions about where I am working now and what am I doing. I am still searching between my passion and calling. I am trying to do many things but sometimes I got exhausted. I am not sure whether because I use all of my energy or I try to find what the best thing I can do right now. Doing all of things surely needs focus and time to adapt and fully understand the situation. But I decided to give more love and caring for every action I made. It means I will be busier and I think it is a good sign.

Somehow, you need to choose between your priorities. Whether its your passion, money, skills, and relationship with other. Working in the issue that you interested about seems so fun, until you realized that financial insecurity does exist. Well, after that we need to facing the challenges.

Right now I am working for a non-profit organization in architecture and urban research. What I really like about it is I can do experiments in social method. It also motivated me to read more books. Working while studying is a plus plus situation in my opinion.

I am prefer working right now because honestly I need to pay my bill. Gratefully I am also in an environment who support my interest. People maybe also ask me why I am not working as an interior designer, a profession which supposed to be mine because I graduated from interior architecture. Sometime that question makes me hesitant a bit of what I'm doing right now.

On the other hand, I make my dancing skill to be one of my way to communicate with people around me. I make a traditional dance community where kids and adults can gather and learning about traditional dance together. It makes me, whom socially awkward in my neighborhood, finding a way to get to know better about my neighbor through this activity.

I also still holding my passion in design, product and business. There are times I spent experimenting with all of these issue. Yet, I can't seem finding a way and perfect time to sharpen my interest in this matter.

I believe there are people who are stil finding their way, their potential, what they can do the best. Yes, we are in the same state. It means we are growing up. Being confuse means we are in the process of knowing ourselves better. It is a good sign.

What to do next? In my opinion, just do what we wanted to do. There are people who want to do many things but never doing anything yet until time make us regret. Doing many things at one time sometimes exhausting and depressing. Until we look back to our past, we were busy and creating memories doing activities that we really like. Do not dwelling only in our thoughts, but try to go outside, making notes, drawing, talk to people, searching online for volunteer activities, interacting with older people, playing with children, and find best friend at least.

I am not saying this will apply for all of people. But that is what I am doing. Still, I'm in my maze trying to solve and finding a way out. Enjoying the process and that roller coaster journey is my motto now.

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