Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Dancing dancing :D

Huaah i won't post about exhibition at this moment
sometimes it remind me about all of my hectic tragedy
i haven't been crying for the long time
maybe i'm at the top of my stress so i let it out from my tears

Sooo what are we talking about?
Yeaah dancing dancing :D
this is one of activities that i love the most beside drawings and crafting
I  joined a dance group *or you can call it sanggar* when i was in my first grade in elementary school
So i have been dancing for a long time, hee?
I really like tradittional dance, especially betawi, javanese, and Bali

this is my latest performance with my sister

Huoo i really love the costumes

Its like Betawi's bride but unfortunately without groom hahaaa

After the show

hehee, a bit of narcistsm XD

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