Friday, December 31, 2010

Friend's note

How high would I have to fly
To lose sight of you, so far away?

If I turn my eyes away, I might feel better.
But I want to always be looking at you from somewhere.
Because there's no way I could forget you.
At my wits' end, I simply keep staring up at the sky.
It's almost as if I were like a small bird inside a cage,
Searching for the window, aimlessly wandering around
I want to see you right away, i don't know why
Even though I want to run away because I'm scared of being hurt
If this unseen barrier around me should tear away my wings,
Still, you are so precious to me that it makes me sad.

credit: Ira's status
err.. Ira, is this another lyrics translation?
if its true,I want to hear the song ^^

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