Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sweet Song

Eat chocolate when your friends are few,
My sweetness will keep you company.
Eat chocolate when you're feeling blue,
My sweetness will make you happy.

[Verse 2]

Hold back chocolate for my sake.

For your sweet tooth I give my life.
Hold back love of sweets and cake.
For that they stab me with a knife.


It's a bitter world, bitter world

Without chocolate the world is grueling.
Sweet, sweet world, sweet world
Chocolate is here as a blessing.

I'm the sweetest sugar,

But my life is not as sweet as I am.
My tears are the world's sugar,
But I don't want to cry any more.


You know that life is not always sweet.

After bitterness, sweetness is always sweeter.

Yeongene - Sweet Song

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