Thursday, June 21, 2012

Fake Crush

I'm listening to love song today
Trying to understand what the singer mean

Yesterday I was listen to the same song
Hemm.. what's they're sang about?

Last week I was listen to the love song that i'm listening today
Huah, is that kind of feeling really exist?

Tomorrow,  I will listen to this song again
Still searching of the existence of love

I believe that word 'LOVE' is all around us
I love my mom,
I love my dad
I love my brother,
my sister,
I love my friends
even I love my cute little kitty

But still, I can't understand the kind of love
where a girl and a boy meet

when i can feel this magic tingling feeling?
where i can meet the boy who makes my heart flutter?
God, am I too young to take this feeling's risks?
Or am I just too unpatient to meet one?

Then my best friend said,
Just be quiet, be kind and keep growing your angel heart
If you make improvement to be a wonderful woman,
then no one can accompanying you except a great man


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