Sunday, November 4, 2012

Jaejoong Fanmeeting

YAAAI finally I can get to see him from the very close spot ^^
You can't imagining him, he is very dolly like figure~~
And you know whaat?? 
I got very close to him, when group photos, my face and him just like about several centimeters
Yatttaaaaaaaa XDDD
and he is really sincere and polite and humble and really kind~~
before take photos, he was take a bow first,  and smilee :)
and when Hi5 session, I was shouted for him: Jaejoong, fighting!! and he smilee :))))
aaaaa I don't wanna wash my hand~~ hhooo 

If you always read my blog, I always blogging about him ^^
Then you will know how much I adore him from 5 years agooo~~

Aaah and now I miss him already :'')
Even he can't talk at all and got fever, he still can boost my mood for a week later, just by remember thay event X)))
Nyaanyaaa I will spazz a lot and tell every detail about him with my friend XD 


  1. Amazing! You are lucky haha, I am also a fan of Jaejoong. He is awesome :D (I like DBSK, miss that group).

  2. thankyouuu Dewi ^^ yaaai until now, i always think that i was very lucky meeting with him ^^ because i only bought the cheaper ticket .__. but then in the morning before the show, they told that it will be hi5 session for ALL of Fans, even my friend who didn't take interest at first, get rush to buy the ticket hhee. I think at first, JJ is a cold person, but he always take a bow and shy around his fans, I like that side of him very much ^^ he looks very humble ^^


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