Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Dreams Capsule

I have a lot of dreams,
from the closest target, to many years later.
Well, I think we have to write it down all of our dreams,
so that we know what we wanna reach
and one by one, we will DO every step to reach our goal
so that we never lose what we aim for our life :D

Yes maybe a lot of people just want to be a rich people,
success and get a healthy life
But, what kind of success you wanna be?
How rich? Are being rich is that important?
How can you get a healthy life if you can't spend your time to take 
a little walk from your house to the other places?
Well, that's seems too cliche
We need more detail about
What we gonna do in this short life?

Maybe many people said that 
"Let your life just flow like a river"
but, hey do you know that you can swim 
over that river?
You can change something if you wanna DO IT
You can take a steer about your life
You are the pilot, all you need is destination,
where do you wanna go?
What you wanna be 5 years later?
What you wanna be 10 years later? many years later?

So, just write your plan for years later
and make sure, you work hard to get that :D
Make alot of checks in your dreams list
And appreciate yourself after that
If God give you a little problem, 
 that is a test so that you always 
remember you have God to help make your life sweeter

This is how I collect all of my dreams
I make a dreams capsule,
I will write everything I wanna do in 5 years later
and open it in 2017.
I will work hard to get that dreams
so in the future, I won't feel bad for myself 5 years ago 
who are very excited about her future life

Maybe there are times I feel bad to myself for not 
good enough to reach a target
But if I remember that dreams capsule, 
I'm smiling again  :)
and just wanna take the next challenge
better than before 

Thanks God, in 2012, there are alot of unexpected moments happened
I never forget this gorgeous year :D

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