Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Two Sides of Me


There are two sides of me
Two sides of my character
Two sides of my behave
Two different case of how my mind work

I don't know why, but it's really confussing
And I don't know how it's going to be vanished
Hemm... actually I'm little afraid this will affected my life,

Is it normal for people who just step their 20?
Or I'm just exploring many ways to becoming
 'The Real Me'?

I can be a really good girl to other people
I can be harsh to my closest relatives
I can be dilligent like an ant at campus,
And my family said that I'm the laziest when I'm home
I think I'm smart enough to do the campus' tasks
But sometimes, my task even don't deserved to get C
I can be religious, read books about my faith
But sometimes, I just being fangirl and look for kpop stars for hours
 Sometimes I just pretend for being nice to them,
In the other hand I know all of their deepest secrets

Am I being dilligent just for my good image?
Am I being nice just for people whom I can take advantage from them?
Am I just pretending to be 'Know This-Know That'
so people never looked down on me?

This, I never can be consult with anyone
Maybe I'm just have many things that I can't 
share with... 
Maybe I can't find the right person to tell my stories
So I'm just find this blog to share with
This heavy thoughts really need to going out from my brain
I think I need people who have open mind

How to react with this two sides of me,
I think this is just my proccess to be an adult
This two sides of me, He give me this choices 
so I can choose what really suit for me, 
and I know the good and bad things of each side
  Or, What if this two sides of me is My Real Personality?

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