Friday, September 19, 2014

Dancing with Ziya Azazi

(sorry for all of grammar mistakes :P i'm still learning~)

I almost spent 1 month volunteering at Salihara and there's a lot of interesting already happened~
Maybe next time I will make review for each performance (if I watch all of them)~  I know it's too premature to said that i got many things, but I try to tell you each of my interesting stories~

Sooo last thursday night I joined the dance workshop class with Ziya Azazi, Austrian who born at Turkey. He is a darvish dancer, but contemporary one. This workshop change my perspective about dancing. At first, he was talking much about concept of the dance, which is maybe boring for some people (but not for me hhee).

Actually what he said before we do some exercise is we have to believe that our body can do many, many things beyond our expectation. Our body maybe have certain size (and it's mini for me) but just believe, our body can expand its volume. Just let out the stress, breath in an out, make more gasoline for our body, and make our body feel free. What I really like about his speech, he said this dance is just the same activity like diving or falling from the height. Maybe at first we afraid, surprised, but later we have to take it, believe that our body will expand the limit. So actually he not just said this only for dancing. He said this as life lessons. Maybe sometimes we just afraid doing something new but just believe, believe ourself so we can expand our limit.

The first session is introduction. I kinda surprise that he take time to know each participant. Even he remember the name almost all of us (there are 16 person who joined). Despite of his amazing talent, he is very humble and sweet.

The second session is know the limit of the body. It's similar to small exercise but he taught us to do the darvish way. A lot of free style, awareness exercise, differentiate the body parts, etc. I think this is the most tiring session. At first it just like yoga but later we did some of contemporary dance. If you get to watch the video, you will know how crazy we move.

Aand this is the most awaiting part. We did the spinning~ wohooo~~
But wait, for some people this is the hell part.
Many of participant just falling after 5 minutes spinning. Many of us throw up later.
What I felt when i was spinning is I just take it as riding jet coaster. Maybe dizzy at first, we scream, afraid, but later I take it as a pleasure moment. When I was a child, I did many of spinning game with my sister. Maybe that's the reason I can stay spinning when all of the participant just give up. Many of my childhood memories came up and that is why I'm in my happiest moment at that time.

Because I'm the only participant who did the longest spin, Ziya always mention my name. I'm kinda surprise that he said, "You spinning beautifully, just beautiful. Thank you". Heheee maybe I was the only one who wore my clock skirt so they find it's beautiful.
You know what? The next day this workshop being a hot topic among Penduduk Salihara. So when I just enter the office, sound of "cieee~ cieee~" are all around me hhee..

So the next day is Ziya's performance. It was really greeeaaat~ He just like the Prince of Persia (I think all of arabic man are handsome) who spin like bloom flower~ Just youtube the Darvish in Progress, you will find the world class performance. Even I find its hard to describe, you have to watch it, in front of your own eyes.

So usually after the performance, Salihara hold the small party for each performer. I kinda surprise that Ziya just share his bouquette of flower to everyone he know at the party. Very sweet, indeed. He remember all of the name, he called it one by one, and the reason why he gave the flower. I'm one of the people he called. And for more surprise, he gave me more flowers than the other. He hold me and tell everyone at the party that I'm the one who did the longest spin with him.

Thankyouuuu Ziya~ maybe next time we will dance together in another part of the world~
Oh I hope I can send him postcard~

PS: This is my first time got flower from a man~ hhaa~
(Just ignore my tired face -__-")

for more of his works you can go to his website

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