Thursday, July 9, 2015

Kelas Inspirasi Jelajah Pulau


I've promised to write about KIJP (Island Hopper) and now I have a certain mood to do that hhaaa...

Maybe all of people who are following my facebook know that I always join Kelas Inspirasi. Until last year, I already joined 3 of them in different region (Jakarta, Bogor, Depok) and I don't know how to stop it hhaaa.. So I am so interested when my school team from KI Depok invite us to join KIJP. Basically, KIJP's vision is want to encourage children who lived in an island with many type of profession. The place that we were take in is Thousand Island, Jakarta. They already hold 2 batch so I join their 3rd batch.

At first, I think it will be the same with the other KI. But I got it wrong. I like the way they communicate each other, make a great bounding and I believe their activity will be sustain for long time. When I was join this activity, they invite me to 3 whatsapp groups at one time: 1 group for documentary team, 1 group for school team, and the other is for island team. Not like other group in KI, this KIJP group became really big and the chat is going lively. The team really like to share anything, make bigger possibility to join other voluntary or charity events. I never feel like this before. For me who really introvert (yes I am :)) have  a lot of new friends that you can get along quickly from different ages is really something :""). It make me have another group for traveling (thanks Kak Marco for inviting me to your Bogor traveling group) and have another group for Kemang's campaign. It connecting me with people from different ages and different background.

Ok back to KIJP.

It was held in March (or April?) and I got Pulau Kelapa 1 for the school. We were going by the ship for one big group. This Kelapa Island group is the last team who still in the ship and it took 5 hours to get there.

We got a really nice homestay with a cold air conditioner (its very hot at there) and a great view with Bakau tree everywhere. Near from our homestay there are a small conservatory for Penyu, shark, cute fish, and mini Bakau tree.

There are alot of activities we held in Pulau Kelapa. Its three time busier than KI I used to join. We have to go to school and homestay back and forth. But its really worthed! I never forget of what we did at there...

Maybe from the concept and activity we still lack detail and everywhere but I'm happy that this time I really got something to be share...

and I'm really jealous with children there and inspirator. The inspirators already know what they want and they do that wholeheartedly.. They can make statement that being me is awesome so that they can inspire other to do something for themself.. And children still many years ahead to believing that they can do better than ours.

And me, still long journey for me to make something, to be the way I am... to believing my self, to make sure I'm happy with my decision..

Yap cheer up~ There are still many things that I want to do..

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