Tuesday, August 25, 2015


On a night when everyone’s asleep
Deep in thought, I’m sitting alone
Still awake as I’m unable to let go of the day that has passed
Am I waiting for someone or are there things left to be settled?
If it’s not that, then could it be a place I want to go back to
which I miss dearly and happened to recall?
If I lie down and rest my head on your lap,
just like when I was young,
handing over my head to you.
Even if I lightly fall asleep from the touch of your hands,
let me stay in that position for a moment.
Don’t wake me up, I’ll sleep really deeply.
Zzzzz zzzzz really deeply…

-IU - Knee-

I see.. 
Throwing a cold war never been this easy.. 
I miss a moment when everything is in peace

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