Friday, December 31, 2010


the sky that i looked at up for a bit
the ordinary days that were too good to be true
every time when i turn my back
you only mutter

where should i go
with you, who have such a face
the shadows in the back of the alley
the needle of the clock
repaints the stopped time
my hands that reached out

i had abandoned
the puzzle that wont interlock
together until we meet
its something lost
so the last piece
must be found

the memory that faraway day
that i forgot about some other time
if i stacked it on the corner of my heart
there only be nostalgic sceneries
and catchphrases during that while
as if confused
i turn my eyes downwards
please dont stand still
chase me

the words that we exchanged
cant form shapes
but my irritating feelings convey my thoughts
lining up my shoulders with the pouring rain
in this way
when it comes to the direction of the wind
you know it
its a new beginning

my hands that reached out
i had abandoned
the puzzle that wont interlock
together until we meet

its something lost
lets recover
the last piece
and start walking

-Round Table feat Nino

Amber Alexander's Paintings

The first problem was easy, the second not so bad,
but the third problem had kitty sweating bullets
"What kind of a teacher would give a kitten a problem like this?"
she thought.

I don't know what could have been 'hard' about her day. 
She's a cat! not enough catnip? lost her toy? bad fur day?

Now she's enjoying a glass of wine and forgetting her "troubles"

It's been raining like cats and dogs around here. 
This little cat got caught in Happy Rain... makes you giggle uncontrollably,
puts a spring in your step.
I'm pretty sure she's going to put away her umbrella very soon and
shower in happiness.

So many cats!

Friend's note

How high would I have to fly
To lose sight of you, so far away?

If I turn my eyes away, I might feel better.
But I want to always be looking at you from somewhere.
Because there's no way I could forget you.
At my wits' end, I simply keep staring up at the sky.
It's almost as if I were like a small bird inside a cage,
Searching for the window, aimlessly wandering around
I want to see you right away, i don't know why
Even though I want to run away because I'm scared of being hurt
If this unseen barrier around me should tear away my wings,
Still, you are so precious to me that it makes me sad.

credit: Ira's status
err.. Ira, is this another lyrics translation?
if its true,I want to hear the song ^^

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Dancing dancing :D

Huaah i won't post about exhibition at this moment
sometimes it remind me about all of my hectic tragedy
i haven't been crying for the long time
maybe i'm at the top of my stress so i let it out from my tears

Sooo what are we talking about?
Yeaah dancing dancing :D
this is one of activities that i love the most beside drawings and crafting
I  joined a dance group *or you can call it sanggar* when i was in my first grade in elementary school
So i have been dancing for a long time, hee?
I really like tradittional dance, especially betawi, javanese, and Bali

this is my latest performance with my sister

Huoo i really love the costumes

Its like Betawi's bride but unfortunately without groom hahaaa

After the show

hehee, a bit of narcistsm XD

Sunday, December 26, 2010


Finally, i upload my artwork for exhibition tomorrow

I'll tell the story later hheee

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Robotronic Robotholic

Yeeei I make this one on the early morning

Kitchen Monster!! or kitchen robot if you like to call him

Oh, i stole some of kitchen's equipments to make this robot. Sorry mom DX

Because of him, My terace is full of paint and its so messy

Yeei, I gotta go to the campus!!

Groovin Magic

Groovin' Magic
When you snuggle up to me, always
The shoelaces I tied tight
Makes my chest feel tight, too

You're so tall that
You look down at me
I want to pretend to softly stroke your hair
To get close to you and snag your heart

Don't irritate me by
Asking, "What's wrong?"
The countdown of love
Is OK whenever you are!
3-2-1, and we've got

I want to do a bunch of stuff
Like hug you tight
The things that girls handle skillfully
Depend on boys
once again

At school, I'm sure
Won't you teach me
How to keep secrets?
Because I'm an open book

Groovin' Magic
Whenever you snuggle up to me, always
The shoelaces I tied tight
Makes my chest feel tight, too

Uh~ La La La La

Ooh~ La La La La

When my tears overflow
I try hard to give an extraordinarily cute smile
In my eyes
Deep in my heart

Groovin' Magic
The ice dilutes my soda
The bittersweet color of love
Makes my chest feel tight

Groovin' Magic
When you snuggle up to me, always
The shoelaces I tied tight
Makes my chest feel tight, too


Recently i like listening to this song, its so cheerful and make my feeling better
Nyaah all of Round Table's song is soo sweeet and has innocent image
It's musics just make me wanna dance
easy listening and the singer's voice is cute
Not always 'animeish', they have some jazzy melody too
In April, is one of my favo, but i can't find the translation T^T
Anybody know where i can find all the translation of Round Table's album?
Please help, onegai hhehee~~

Oouw, you can download here if you're interested
You're welcome :D hahahaaa


Here some of my handycraft hhee
Now i'm so lazy to make one, don't know why hahaha~~

its Pia's works

But one of this Rilakkuma is made by me hhehee

Friday, December 24, 2010

Meomi - Mukmuk Vancouver

Interior Exhibition

Huaah harus semangat buat hari iniiiiiii

Pokoknya karya pameran mesti selesai

Rencananya buat pameran, gw mau membuat air balloon
tapi masih bingung, jenisnya kayak apa yaa.. hemmm..
pokoknya mesti yang ada kelincinya deh hhaahahaa

Gw dapet inspirasi dari sini

Tama's Artwork


She is japanese illustrator. Her character is always lolita and gothic. She added some horror and mysterious image but still looks cute.

Here some of her artwork

here is her homepage


Huaah baru tau ada web ini~~
Artworknya Meomi lucuu banget

Ini gambarnyaa~~

to see more of meomi's artwork, you can go here
or you can push 'like' button in this link
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