Sunday, January 22, 2012

IMA 2012

Welcome to campus' life~~
This year I take part in campus' organization
Last year I'm not interested about this things, because I'm not type of person that likes being busy with other things than study and playing hhaaa...
But slowly I'm understand how important to take responsibility on your shoulders
It'll open your mind and gives you alot of important skill than just sit in the class

And tadaaa, my friend as a president of Architecture student council in my college give me responsibility as vice coordinator in  educational field *errmmm what the best word for bidang pendidikan in english??*

It's not easy at the beginning, because I'm totally new in this field. And.. actually I have no idea what's goin' on with this educational thingy -__- haha
It's so hard, I know that
Communication didn't going as smooth as we want, 
There are alot of misscommunication between us.
But what makes me to stay here because I know that 
I have all of my lovely friends here to help me

Yeaah It's just beginning, and there are still a year that we have to go
I hope we can learn many things 
and makes ourself better at the end :) 

Yoroshiku onegaishimasuu~~~ My lovely friends in IMA 2012~~

As we promised at the start, I'll lend you my hands, and I give you all my trust..
As a new family, I want to have a beautiful friendship with all of you~~

Ganbatteeee XDD

nb: sorry for my grammar haha :p

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