Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Rabbit Building

Yattaaa~~ this building is too cutee~~ nyaaaah
As an architecture student, I think this building is too frontal to make a rabbit as their inspiration
but oh well, it's cute soo.. whatever! I like the idea.

This is the winner design competition for Macau Pavilion for Shanghai World Expo 2010
They use recycable material and solar panels to bring their concept “better city, better life” 

This is the link for this cute building

One day i wanna design the cute building too :D

Ohyeaah good news finally come !
My dad and his company planning to bring us to Hongkong and Macau for recreation!
Hope this will be my best first trip to overseas~~
and since I know Macau from Boys Over Flowers Kdrama, I'm verry happy because the views from that drama are soooo beautiful :DD Kyaaaaaaaa

Planning are planning, let God decided the final result
I'll always keep praying for this to happen~

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