Sunday, January 22, 2012


My auntie just back from Japan~~ and honestly I'm freaking jealous because she never told me that she want to go there -__-
Well maybe I'm not that jealous if she is my-auntie-from-nowhere, but when I'm remember that she is one of my closest family and She know how much I like all about Japan , hooh why you didn't told me earlier??

But I already forgive her, because she give me alot of presents XDD

 Nyaaa this is the cutest geisha I've ever seen <3

Hemm wondering what's in this box??

Tadaaaaa~~ cute snack hhaaa 

nyuuh pandaa and geisha phone strap

And this is my favorite, actually this is present for my mom
Actually I'm kinda scared of this doll, but she is so pretty.
Nyaaaah I wanna have a dolfie~~

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