Sunday, April 22, 2012

My Dancing Experience :D

My favourite costume :3
This is a traditional dance from Sulawesi named "Kipas"
Kipas is a main property in this traditional dance
I like this costume, because it has a lot of bright color, and i don't need to tied my hair hhee
I love how they make that "songket" look so beautiful with detail at the back
My hair looks so beautiful with that hair accessory :D
By the way, I'm the purple one, and beside me is my sister

This is dance from Betawi (an ethnic grup from Jakarta) named Sirih Kuning (if i'm not wrong) 
I'm enjoying this dance too, because we don't need to wear a long skirt hahaa :D
I'll show you how Betawi dance have so many costume combination
This costume look a bit arabic and chinese, you can look from our shirt and hair properties

Hemm I think this is my youngest dance photos,
look at my younger sister, she just like a kindergarten kid hhaa
This is a dance from Central Java, named Mbok Jamu
The dance is kind a funny, because we have to wear 'bakul' at our back
If I'm not wrong, this is our first performance in TMII 

This is a difficult dance, I really mean it hhee
Because we have to hold a baby doll (a real size), an umbrella, and 'kendi'
and wearing that long thight skirt! Woaah
At the middle of the dance, we have to standing on that 'kendi' and playing with our umbrella
At the end of the dance, we have to throw and break that 'kendi'
And hold a baby with just a 'selendang' (shawl or what?) is difficult you know hhee
If you watching Indonesian Movie : Requiem of Java, you'll know because they show this Bondan Dance

Nah, this is one of Betawi Dance too
It named "Nandak Ganjen"
Nandak means Dancing and Ganjen means Flirting
This dance potrait a group of Teenager girls that likes to flirting, gossiping, wearing make up, with a comical mimic :D
This dance is unique, because we're not just dancing, we're acting a bit bitchy too hhaaa
This costume is special too, because our hair accessories is sooo chinese :D
But I like the music of Nandak Ganjen, it's soo funny. 
You'll know if you searching and watching this dance out hhaa

Well, I'm dancing for 6 years in my primary school
There are a lot of dance i've done, 
Pendet Dance (Bali), Serampang dua Belas (Melayu), Ngarojeng (Betawi), Cokek (Betawi), Ronggeng Blantek (Betawi), and a lot of dance that i can't remember the name (sorry). But thanks God, I've taste dance from Sumatera, Java, Borneo, Sulawesi, and Bali. Next, maybe I'll try Papua and Maluku dance hheee

And yehaa, now I'm interest with Wayang Orang since my second Project for Interior ARchitecture Studio hhee
They are awesome artists :O especially a Wayang Orang group in Jakarta named Bharata.
Wayang Orang is like a theater performing dance, drama and comedy (just like Kabuki from Japan) from Central of Java
You have to watch it, its sooo interesting :D
If you have a foreigner friends that come to Jakarta, you have to ask them to go there!
It's sooo Indonesia~~ 

I'll make a post for this Wayang Orang Bharata group ;D 

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