Wednesday, August 21, 2013

That Wonderful Feeling...

Listening to Taru's songs (K-indie artist) make me want to fall in love with someone~
Somehow, that kind of feeling just like something you really miss,
Sometimes you wonder who will be you love forever,
or who'll be loving you hhaa LOL

No that's not 'galau' feeling, nothing like that
Listening to sweet love songs, I think falling in love is our best time
Because inspirations can just overflow
and your energy will boost multiple times from before
Aaah~ then when will I find the 'one' ?

I think, the prettiest moment of every girl is when she is falling in love~
Aaah~ really, this time is my ugly moment,
I have no motivation to make myself pretty hhaa~
Just wondering~ who will be my motivation to do so?

Then, one thing that I can't find the answer,
Is it good if I'm just waiting?
Or I have to confess to someone if I find one?
Am I ready to meet him? Am I good enough?

The one that I know, and I believe,
God makes everything beautiful at the right time~
So.. I'm just waiting until the times come?
Nope, I can make myself ready with a lot of life experiences~
So when he find me, we can share a lot of stories~
So we can start ours~

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