Friday, June 6, 2014

Where love come from?

How love come to our life?
How to keep it alive?
How to grow your love even more?

I believe love come from this 4 important points:
  •  Fate
  •  Brave
  • Accompany for long time
  •  Tolerance
When your fate come, make sure you ready to accept him/her ~
When you are sure he/she the only one you want to grow old with, be brave to say to the person and their family (not with all of your friends instead)
When you start to life together, love can be grow even more because of long time accompany for each other.. Don't said that "I love you to the fullest" but give space in your heart for love to grow~
That give you and your lifetime bestfriend even loving more each other, day by day~
Aand~ never search for the perfect one. Just accept for the way they are and be a better person each day. That is why tolerance is very important...

okay.. this is just a theory made from various sources (Al-Quran, tausyiah, love song lyrics, etc~ )
even when i'm not ready yet to be in love (sorry for my childish though) I make sure preparing my self to be better each day ~~

A lot of friend asking me why i'm not open for love to come (I rarely like someone, don't even gossiping about the hottest guy in campus, not chatting with guy in an expressive way, not even have conversation about boys, not telling my friends about the guy i like, etc)
I think..Because I'm an egoist person, really hhee..
I share the story for my self,
I want to be the first, the last and the only one,
I'm not even sure I'm just liking or being a fan.
Allah easily can change your heart,
so I'm just be really careful for what I said

If I like him today, I'm not sure I'll be liking him for several days later
If I like being with him today, I'm not sure he want to be with me several days later
If I telling this to my friends, I can't take responsibility to just liking him,
when my friend know about this, they will said that again and again, even when I start to forget.
So I'll be take the right way:
when love come, just be quiet, telling Allah what we feel.
If he is the right one for me, Allah will give it to me.
If not, just forget, search for the new story.
As simple as that :)

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