Monday, November 2, 2015

From Suburban to Suburban

Well, this time I want to share my experience as a commuter who working far from my home. It's not as far as you tought maybe, but its definitely a killer: I have to spend minimum 1 hour to reach my office (not including waiting for the bus/train). The crowd is crazy, and I can't think I would do this more than 1 year.

I live in Srengseng Sawah. If you know that place, it just spend 15 minutes to Depok. This place  is way too south to be called as Jakarta. My office located at Bintaro, Tangerang Selatan, which mean I have to go from the south to the west.

Not that far, If you think it can be reach 30 min to 45 min via Tol. Its about 20km away from my home. But I couldn't always hop on a someone else car everyday, right? Could you wondering how many times I would change the mode if I use public transportation?

The first time i figure how to reach the place is with commuterline. It would spend about Rp. 3000,- but I have to transit once in Tanah Abang, then I have to get line 5 or 6 and make all the way to Pondok Ranji. After taking a train, I can just walking for about 15 minutes from the station. My spent for transportation is:
Home-Station with bus 83 (15 minutes): IDR 4k
Lenteng agung - Pondok Ranji via commline (90min to 120min): IDR 3k
Pondok Ranji to Lenteng Agung via commline (90min to 120min): IDR 3K
Lenteng Agung to my Home with Ojek (10 minutes) IDR 10K
Total IDR 20K - for 1 month IDR 440K
Total time spent : 2Hours

The cost varies depend on what time you arrived. I swear I won't go at 6am to 8am because the crowd is crazy. How come you just push yourself and don't think about the harm that may come to you if you push your body to train full of people? All of this people think is just arrived at their office but not thinking about their safety. Several times I look at people who get unconscious after taking a train and they have to get medical treatment at station. I mean, come on. I always get emotional everytime I push my self to this kind of situation. All I can see is just greedy people who don't even care about others. The bad thing about take commline is: You get trough the busiest station in the gold triangle business district before you transit. So mostly all of people from south (Bogor),go there.

On the other side, taking train give me more chance to meet new people, even old friends. I realize this after several times I bump with my friends and have chance to chatting with them. Maybe because ALL of people taking train, then more chance for me to meet them. Well, that's one nice thing. One more thing is: I can read a book in a train or sleep (if I'm lucky enough to sit)

Because I'm easily get bored, I think I have to try another transportation mode. One of easiest, cheapest, quick but put you in a danger more than any transportation: Driving your own motorcycle.

Bring motorcycle is not as hard as I think at first. Actually its faster than riding commuterline if you know the way. When the first time I use my motorcycle, I arrived between 30 to 45 minutes from Pasar Minggu. There are some of rute I already tried, and I found the fastest way.

Best time to go: 8.30-9.00.
Cost: IDR 30K to IDR 40k /week
Total spent time: 45min to 90 min
1. Lenteng AGung-Pasar Minggu - Kemang - Antasari - Cipete - Fatmawati - Pd.Indah - Bintaro
2. Srengseng Sawah - Jagakarsa - Cilandak - Antasari - Cipete - Fatmawati - Pd.Indah - Bintaro
3. Srengseng Sawah - Jagakarsa - Cilandak - Antasari - Cipete - Fatmawati - Pd.Indah - Ciputat - Bintaro

The hardest thing to use motorcycle is when you have to ride this everyday. There is no way you can take a rest in an hour journey. Somehow my body can't take the struggle, because my right hand and my back starting getting hurt nowadays. Not only my body,I feel so alone yet I feel disturb with the crowd of all this machine. All of those honk-honk-honk eventually makes me really tired, mentally and psysically. I used to arrived at 8-10 pm. I don't have energy to do anything but sleep.

If you think I'm so worn out because I'm riding it by my self, what if I use Gojek (just like Uber but motorcycle vers)?
Well I'm using it before. I just pay around IDR 10K (well, it almost 20km to reach my home)
I think, my body really hurt (especially my feet) because we just sit and sit. I'm a bit bored, even sleep on the way to my home (yes I put my self in a danger). After riding it, my legs are shaking and my butts really hurt. Thankyou, thankyou. If not in a hurry, maybe I will not use any gojek. I prefer riding it by myself.

How about taking bus?
Take a a bus, especially in Jakarta, is not an easy job.

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