Sunday, March 20, 2016

Oh, Lovely Lonely Man

There is a man
He is so lovely
He is really kind, a bit naive actually
He act like a gentleman
He is longing for a lovely woman

Once, he find the woman
He love her so badly
Because he is a lovely man
But, love is complicated
It just can't fulfill the wish of this lovely man

He can't understand
He already act like gentleman
But love, is never been easy thing
He wasted his time to think
Being kind and naive is not everything

There is a man
Once, he is so lovely
But now, oh he is so lonely
He don't know what to do
He would eat alone and wander the city

He just don't know
At another place,
There is a lovely lonely woman
Sincerely praying for him
Praying so that he will always happy

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