Saturday, March 26, 2016

Mirrorless Camera Sony A6000

Well, this time I want to share my experience using sony a6000 fot the first time.
I'm not a pro photographer but I'm enjoying taking photos with DSLR camera. I took my photography when I was in college (It's about architecture photography tho) and I got A mark. I think, photography is my new hobby and I hope I can take more good photos.

Well, I always using manual mode with my bro's camera: DSLR Canon 1100D. All of people know that canon 1100D is a really good camera for beginner and I'm enjoying the features. It really easy when changing setting (ISO, F, speed) even when I have to take photo immediately. What I'm enjoy the most is I can take many photos and video without worrying about battery. I can use the battery from 100% to almost empty in 2-3 days, even when I have a lot of photos to take.

I decided to buy mirrorless camera when some my friends recommend it to me. I don't have any camera with complex feature before (except for digital camera) and I want it to be similar with my brother's. SLR/DSLR is a really good camera, but I have some of inconvenience especially when I have to take photos related to research survey. Bringing the big camera can gather public attention and several times I have to deal with security for taking photos at public facility (like train station, etc). I don't know what different from their perspective, taking photo with camdig or DSLR. They just afraid that I will take photos for media or something like that. It's not fair when I took photos with my camdig days later, they don't take it so serious.

This mirrorless camera have a small body according to another SLR/DSLR camera. It's because, they already remove the 'mirror' inside the camera system so that they appear smaller and lighter. Its really good for street photography, holiday, and portrait purpose.

Why I choose Sony A6000?
Well, I have several options. Between Canon, Fujifilm and Sony. Fujifilm seems really trendy with the vintage appearance. It looks like you carry the old camera but with digital features. Canon mirrorless, it seems they don't really have special feature compared to Sony and Fujifilm. For Sony, they have several series: A5000, A5100, Sony Nex series, A6000, A7. A lot of blog reviewing Sony A6000 for the best mirrorless camera. Mostly because of the high resolution (24 megapixel) and Hybrid AF (179 detect points). But personally for me, compared with other sony mirrorless camera, the button is really easy to use. You can set the manual mode easily and it has viewfinder. About the lenses option, its true that they don't have many option compare to SLR/DSLR camera. But lens is not my priority. Actually, at first I will go to Sony A5000 because my budget didn't allow me to :"" but, I'm waiting and save more money to buy A6000. After 1 year, I got this mirrorless camera. Worth for me to wait.

After I got the camera in my hand, I find it hard to playing with focus. Maybe because I have to adapt with more complex setting, with more options in it. I only got 16-50mm lens for everyday use. After trying several times and learning from youtube videos, I set the focus setting to AEL button. It easier for me to handle the AF. But, I have no idea how to playing with manual focus.

What I really like in this camera, you can shoot in the darkness very well because they have ISO up to 25600! Wow.. Before this I have to satisfied only with 6400. Compared to Canon 1100D with maximum ISO, Sony A6000 seems not really bother with noises. It still look so smooth.

I have interest in nature photography, especially flowers and insects. So I bought a Macro Extension Tube AF E-mount only for $40. It worthed every penny, rather than buying another lens which have the same price with the camera itself.

mine is white color. kawaii nee~

Sooo, this is my first hunting for macro photography, with my Sony A6000, 16-55mm, Macro Extension Tube AF E-mount. Usually I have to zoom in to maximum 50mm then playing with zoom and AF to find the best focus. I set ISO up to 10000-20000 with minimum F and speed between 1/50 to 1/250. No edit for the picture below.

What do you think?
Personally I like how this camera got the colors right and it can snap your moment beautifully
But still, I have to learn more about focusing the object.

Later I will post my shoots when I went to Korea for a trip!

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