Friday, April 15, 2016

예쁘다 (Yeppeuda - Cantik - Beautiful)

Have you ever told by strangers, randomly, that you are so beautiful?

This is the strangest thing I've encountered when I go to Korea..
In a country full of pretty and handsome human everywhere,
Meanwhile I myself feel like potato head walking between them.

Don't you think that is a really strange when a person (or a group of them) randomly
wanted to take photos with you, or insisted buying you some snacks, or just said:

"Hi, you are so beautiful"

Even in my everyday life, only my mom said that to me (LOL)

Really, this experience in Korea didn't happen only once, or twice.
Even I lost count, maybe total almost 8-10 times already?

First, they are so curious about what me and my friends are wearing on our head.
Then, they asking the country where we lived
Some of them observing us from head to toe
But then some of them said salaam, or just smiling,
Telling us that we are dressed beautifully,
covering our body but still let our charm shines

Once in a day, I've experience this 3 times.
First, when an old lady personally tried to talk to me in korean,
She poked me, say hi, then saying something like ''yeppeunde.." and give her  two thumbs up.
As my face look dumbfounded she tried to talk to me again.
All I can do is said 'Thanks~'

Second, when me and Phatty went to Hanok Village
As we tried to take photos each other, one ahjumma (old lady) passing us and randomly stopped by,
watching us take photos and said that we are 'yeppeun',
Then, a group of Japanese mom told by that ahjumma that we are beautiful
Then they said 'Kireii desune~" and asked about where we come from

Third, a group of harabuji (old man - grandpa) tried to take photo of me
and tried to match me with one of their friend (lol)
and situation got strange as they keep talking in korean but still pointing at me,
and I just leave because more of them are joining conversation that I didn't understand

I've experience worse situation in my old days
I already sharing it here
self confidence once become my big problem
and experience this is one of my memory that I treasure

Now, what is the meaning of beautiful itself?
When you, always complaining about not pretty enough,
But other people, even strangers, told you that you are so fine
When I'm imagining said it to other people, heartfully, who will it be?
Why I said beautiful randomly to a stranger whom I look just by seconds?
She or he must be let out their charm beautifully so that other people have the urge to tell them
(well, I always do that when I find a cute little girl lol)

So here is the video and you will know how it feels~

Beautiful, they have no measure, fit for all of people
So, first, to see good things from yourself, stop compare with other people
I think, it is because of we're different (by wearing hijab there), that's not meant we're strange
We have our own way to decide what kind of 'beautiful' we are searching for
We know, and we don't follow any beautiful measure but tried to listen to ourself
I think that kind of confidence that makes other people see that good side of us

Well, I learn a lot.
Next time, I tried to compliment people more, always seek good side from them
By doing this, a simple thing like this,
More people will see a good side from themself
I've already experience one good thing,
Thanks to the really nice ahjumma and ahjussi in Korea (lol)

"The sign of beautiful person is that 
they always see beauty in others"

that quotes is true indeed ^^

All of woman are pretty
Pretty by treasure themself well
Pretty by know themself well
Pretty by treat other people nicely
Pretty by know how to act politely

and about myself as late bloomer (even never have a date once)
and other my friends who experience the same as me,
Never have a date doesn't mean you less pretty, I assure that hahaa
But time will make you the best people who deserve for the best one

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