Sunday, April 10, 2016

Cherry Blossom Festival at Jinhae

Have you ever been in place or situation where you feel like starring at romantic Korean drama?
If you ever visited Jinhae for Cherry Blossom Festival, you will know how I feel :D

This is my first time visit Korea for a trip and I already welcoming by the beautiful cherry blossom everywhere. I thought after all this time cherry blossom just a cliche symbolic of love but after seeing it myself, I'm all in love with them just in second. The mellow-dramatic-romantic feeling is really strong with this. Couples are everywhere (so does their PDA act) and here, I with my other 3 single friends cursing our loveless life (Hahahaa).

I think I really lucky to come by the spring to Korea. The weather is not too cold, not too hot (but still, you have to check weather forecast). The temperature is between 7-20 celcius degree so you can wear shirt in layer and leave your coat at home (like I did hahaa)

Jinhae have the largest festival of cherry blossom in Korea. It started from 1 April to 10 April because the cherry blossom only full blooming for 2 weeks every year. Jinhae is a small city located 1 hour from Busan by Bus. The cost of bus is only 5100 won for 1 trip. When you step up from Jinhae bus station, all of their road already covered in pink with full blooming of Cherry Blossom everywhere. 

Selfie, selfie everywhere~

Definitely the best time to wear pink

This place called romantic bridge, located about 20 min by walking from Jinhae Bus Station

This scene really got me, because when everyone take selfie and couple showing their PDA act, this girl have the best way to enjoy cherry blossom blooming. She just sit there quietly with her 2 cats as her company, drawing some cherry blossom flowers. 

Her cat's name is Milk, kyeoppta~

And finally make friend with Tana (or Kana?), a bit shy but friendly girl. She lives in Jinhae, really near from this place (So lucky T_T). Every afternoon she would sit here and enjoying cherry blossom. 

Cherry blossom can make a cute hair accessories

A lot of small family enjoying cherry blossoms too~
Look at this cute boy and his (hot) papa.

Looking at this beautiful scenery everuwhere makes me daydreaming, 
one day I definitely will visit this place again with my love one~ hhahaa

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