Monday, November 21, 2016

Try Your Best, but Give Yourself a Space

Adopted the article from BrightSide, I found several suggestion that really helpful and fit in with my recent condition~

 Think positively, yet realistically
Yeah, there are a lot of things running in my head yet I couldn't measure it myself how to get ride of that. I always said that I want to do this and that but in reality, it wouldn't happen like I always imagine. I think I have to slowing my pace and observing the condition carefuly until I find out the steps.

Pamper yourself, but don't give in to temptations
Uurgghh, this kind of hard lol XD but I will try to surpress all of those tempation~

Spend your days with people that can make you laugh, but don't forget to allow yourself time to feel sad
I definitely need this advice. Being sad its not a sin. I always let myself cry sometimes, even it just for silly reasons. Being sad, crying, and feel the symphaty is one of the way to soften your heart. luckily I am a girl and God give us that privileged every month via PMS lol X)

Try to help others, but be careful not to exhaust yourself
Yep yepp.. Its wonderful feeling when you can help people, but remember, you have something to be done so considering it first. Help yourself is always your priority, then do it for other people behave

Analyze yourself, but in a benevolent and loving manner
Don't love yourself the way you are~ always improving, but do it without pressure~ Sometimes I have mental breakdown, feeling that I am not good enough, not pretty enough. But it is okaay to feel that way, so I could looking for the solution in proper way~ 

Remember, you can't force yourself to be happy and well motivated around the clock
 I couldn't agree moreee~ Sometimes I feel that I have heavy burden to be a good role for people around me. Feeling sad, anxious, and other negative feeling is prohibited. But then, all of us have our weakness and we should overcoming it. Those weaknesses are part of ourself, so try to befriend with them and knowing yourself better~

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