Thursday, December 29, 2016

Almost New Year!

It's almost new yearrr~
I'm excited yet not satisfied enough with my life in 2016

You have everything in your hand but still, you seems awkward to handle the steer in your hand.
That's what I felt.
I have several wishes that I make in 2012 about my life in 2017
First thing that I want is, I could make it to travel to another continent.
My wish has granted in 2015, when I have my design product to be exhibited in Glasgow, UK.

The second thing is, I have my own business. Whatever it is. Eventough its running so slow, but I believe that I already accomplish this one. Seri Seni is one of my activity to support cultural diversity in Indonesia to be grow. With community near my home, we could gather the kids and teach them some of traditional dances. I joined Enam Sisi Studio with my best friends and make some interior and graphic design as freelancer. Then, Akaruma as my source of spirits, is a pre-start up that we created with design product approach. All of them need time and more hardwork to make it succeed. Still, I have another dream to make my own design product based on my illustrations and children needs.

Thirdly, I wish to have a plus one in my 25th but I'm still far away from mature. I make this plan on 2012 but it still hard to make. Sometimes people asking this and that but you know, its still mystery until you find those magical event happened in your life. I never been in relationship yet but honestly I'm afraid to have one. Not my experiences but it affecting my life so much. Waiting or not waiting, but I hope everything happened to my life is the best scenario from God. If it is the time, then it will work. If I have to work on it, then God will give me courage. So please let me do something better than pitying myself to not having company like others. Asking only if you concerned hahaaa lol.

Lastly, I really, really, want to study abroad. It's my long life wish. Since I graduate from senior high school, I always want to study overseas. Every year, I always attend International Education Exhibition, hope to study in Europe or Japan, expand my experiences in foreign country. This year I already accomplish my IELTS standard, then applying for several scholarships and universities. The result haven't out yet. So I really hope to pass.There are no other opportunity better than this time. Wish me luck then~

This year, I really grateful to have a lot of new friends, to meet a lot of new people. Everything seems really unexpected, yet I'm struggling with my own mind. Sometimes I compared my life with others, just to realized everyone has their own battle. I just need to win my own war.

 Which memory you cheer the most in 2016?

Cheers to 2017, where every unexpected moments are waiting.
See you next year, in 25 year old of me!
Working hard, Play hard, Pray harder!

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