Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Scariest Place of All: Cyberspace and Socmed

Seeing all of posts in social media makes me tired and sad. There are alot of good things happened but still, you can't close your eyes of what our friends going through on the other part of the world. Aleppo still being burn by unresponsible people and mostly killed woman and children. Meanwhile Moslems in Rohingya are devastated because of intolerant people who can't accept them as their own citizen. American moslem are afraid their right will lost because their racist new president. Still, people in my country, which have Islam as majority, parting in several ways because of  different political views.

I've been scrolling my facebook page these days, there are a lot of hate comments and nonsense articles circulating in my feeds. Last time I encountered this kind of situation is when we have our last presidential election. Since that time, I just realized that social media is a scary place. It can be used in a good way to share useful informations. On the other hand, there are people who use this opportunity to brainwash netizen and share provoking comments everywhere. People will easily share anykind of news that they are believe, despite the truth about it still questionable.

Still, it just a cyberspace, right? No one will really hurt you because of one share or one comment. Yep, I tought like that at first. But NO, nowadays it will have major impact in real life. People have their right to say anything, but without responsibility it means nothing. Do you remember when a woman posting about how she really annoyed by pregnant woman who took her chair in public train? Well, people will judge your personality, even in virtual world. I become really careful if I wanted to give my opinion, so mostly I just become a silent reader. But sometimes I can't take it when there are persons who didn't try to have some research or don't have wide perspective give their hateful comments. Even when he/she is really kind and have a good personality in real life.

I just remember when I was scrolling through my instagram feeds, and I found a picture of mouse. There are a lot of cats picture in my instagram so it make me curious. Then I click and enlarge their photo. It was a picture of mouse which it arms and legs being tied on something so it can't move. I didn't understand at first so I read the description. It turn out that they tried to make fun of that mouse by gave it punishment because behind the mouse there is a dead bird. I don't understand at all why they are posting that. What makes me really angry, it was shared by comedy account which have funny contents in it. If torturing an animal, even it just a small one, consider as funny, I don't understand where our common sense is. I'm not usually active but I posted two comments in that picture, after that I reported the account because it contained violence and animal abuse. Not long after I reporting it, they have it deleted. It just small matter, but this account have 150.000 followers. Imagine if a lot of people agree with this post, imagine the impact. Some of them gave comment "that it just a mouse, chill". But hey, even the serial killer only killing kitten in their young age.

Well, using social media is really tiring. Sometimes I prefer to shut it down, but I can't avoid the truth that they have great impact in these era. Then I remember, if we gave up using it and let the dark world dominating it, we will be doomed, really. So instead of close my eyes and logging out my account, we have opportunity to share good things, inspirational and motivational quotes, stories about humanity, and cuteness of our pet to the world againts all of those fake news that will make us apart.

All of my friends, whom I knew in real life or in cyberspace, I really really ask all of you, please be wise using your social media. Be a smart user, only share positive and useful content, avoid cyberwar if you can, and stop making any provoking statement. You have no idea how it will have impact, even slightest one. It is alright if you have your own perspective, but always using kind and polite words~

Well I'm praying for our country, and for my brothers and sisters in the other part of the world, may peace always above us.

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