Monday, August 22, 2011

New Header

Yaai I got a new header todaay *happy happy*

yei I'm too lazy to write now but I'll post the pic of my new header




please come visit may site :D
I'll be post more of my artworks here~~

Nee~~ using photoshop is so difficult I thought, because I always using my hand to create something. Digital work kinda...emm what can I say.. It's so easy to make lines or the other, but we can't enjoy every second of our hand can do. But our world is change rapidly so I have to adapted with digital things.

this is my doodle using photoshop..
kinda lame .___.

This is bunnella
Nice to meet you :D

and as a bonus, this is my background pic :D

just in case if you interested with it
feel free to using it~

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